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WWE Wrestler Winning The Royal Rumble 2018 Match Without Taking Any Bumps During The Match?

Daniel Bryan - Bryan Danielson

• Old School Wrestlling Legend Would Celebrate His Birthday

Today would have been the 89th birthday of legendary Old School Wrestling announcer Gordon Solie (Real name: Francis Labiak).

Solie was famous for doing commentary for various NWA territories like Georgia Championship Wrestling, Championship Wrestling from Florida, USA Championship Wrestling, … among a few others, before ultimately staying with Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling during the 90s.



• Edge & Christian Comment On The Rusev Day Gimmick, Christian Gives A Moniker Tip To Rusev

During a recent edition of the E&C Pod of Awesomeness podcast, Edge & Christian talked about the Rusev Day gimmick and how over Rusev has got as of late. Below is what the former WWF Tag Team Champions had to say about this:

Edge: “Rusev, I have not been privy, I guess, to how over he has gotten himself. Yeah, he’s doing this thing called Rusev Day and people are going nuts! Yeah, it’s a thing. And Aiden English sings their promos and it’s really entertaining stuff.”

Christian: “I liked the few times I met him (English) at the Performance Center. And I just think it’s hilarious and I think I told him this too, like, ‘if you just sang all the time’. He sings in his promos and I told him if he sang for everything like his entire life was a musical.

I helped him with parts of it. Yeah, I have this moniker that I want to pass on to him. He could ask for ‘one more machka’. If you think about it though, right, you have Rusev ‘machka’ and you could have a t-shirt and on the back it says, ‘one more machka,’ right? Yeah, he can thank me for that later.”

• WWE Wrestler Winning The Royal Rumble 2018 Match Without Taking Any Bumps During The Match?

A lot of speculation is going on regarding retired WWE wrestler and current SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan entering the Men’s Royal Rumble 2018 match as a surprise entrant and winning the match without taking any bumps during the match.

With that being said, Wrestling Observer is still reporting that Bryan hasn’t been cleared to return to in-ring action as of this week. But with Bryan taking no bumps whatsoever during the match, it could turn out to be something that WWE officials might go far (and then somehow do a storyline where his right to a World Title match at WrestleMania is taken away if he’s not cleared – as he would have to take bumps during a Title match).

We’ll keep you updated regarding this.

• OLD SCHOOL VIDEO HISTORY (January 26, 1991) – Moondog Rex In WCW

On this day in 1991, Old School WWF Veteran Mondoog Rex wrestled “The Z-Man” Tom Zenk in a match that aired that day.

You can watch the match below:

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