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WWE’s New Consensual Relationship Policy Revealed (Photos)

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In June 2023, WWE introduced a new policy regarding sexual or romantic relationships within the workplace. This policy came into effect following reports of alleged sexual misconduct involving former Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon that surfaced a year prior.

The details of this three-page policy were obtained and made public for the first time by POST Wrestling and Wrestlenomics. The policy outlines strict guidelines, prohibiting employees from holding any instructional, evaluative, or supervisory responsibilities over individuals with whom they have had or currently have a consensual relationship.

Furthermore, the policy contains specific provisions addressing relationships involving top executives within the company. It strongly discourages any consensual relationships between WWE Board Members or executive team members, including the CEO, President, CFO, Chief Content Officer, Chief Legal Officer, or Chief Human Resources Officer.

Analyzing WWE’s current policy on consensual relationships, Dr. Lisa Mainiero, a distinguished Professor of Management at Fairfield University, expressed cautious approval but noted its shortcomings.

While the policy includes a “Consensual Relationship Acknowledgement” form, it fails to address hierarchical relationships where one party holds authority over the other, posing inherent conflicts of interest. Nevertheless, Mainiero appreciated the inclusion of guidelines regarding affiliated relationships, ensuring consistency across all interactions within the company.

Professor Michael Z. Green, Director of the Workplace Law Program at Texas A&M University’s School of Law, also shared his insights on the policy. Green emphasized the need for stricter measures, suggesting that executives engaging in consensual relationships with subordinates should face immediate termination.

While the policy outlines disciplinary actions for policy violations, including termination, it falls short of specifying consequences for executives involved in such relationships.

The evaluation by both Mainiero and Green underscores the importance of comprehensive and enforceable policies in addressing workplace relationships. As organizations navigate the complexities of interpersonal dynamics, ensuring clarity and accountability in their policies becomes paramount to fostering a safe and respectful work environment.

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