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WWF Attitude Era Veteran Refuses To Wrestle Women, Then Deletes Twitter Account

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• WWF Attitude Era Veteran Refuses To Wrestle Women, Then Deletes Twitter Account

WWF Veteran Scotty 2 Hotty took to Twitter and announced that he won’t do any intergender matches because he does not wrestle women anymore.

However, back during the Attitude Era and the Ruthless Aggression Era, he did compete against WWF/WWE Divas in the ring, but things have changed now, as he explained.

Here’s what Scotty tweeted:

“Dear promoters. I DO NOT ‘fight’ women. I’m 49 & have a 20 year old daughter. ‘Hurting’ women isn’t appealing to me. I understand that there are men that do it these days. It’s just not my thing. If that makes me old or out of touch, I’ll take it. Please stop trying to book it.

Also, before my matches from 20+ years ago with Linda Miles, Chyna, or any other women are brought up, I know what I did. It was a different time, a different place, & I wasn’t a father to a 20 year old daughter.”

It’s clearly his decision, if he refuses to wrestle women and everyone has to accept it, especially after he came up with a valid reason (his daughter).

However, Scotty still received a sh*tstorm on Twitter over his announcement, which seemingly led to him deleting his Twitter account.

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