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WWF Diva Didn’t Want To Do The Bikini Contest At Fully Loaded 1998

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At the WWF Fully Loaded 1998 pay-per-view, one of the most revealing segments in World Wrestling Federation history took place, when Sable and Jacqueline competed in a Bikini Contest.

Sable was awarded the victory that night and you can watch why:

However, the next night on RAW IS WAR, the decision was reversed and Jacqueline was crowned the winner, because Sable only wore paint and it wasn’t a bikini technically.

While speaking on Captain’s Corner live stream of Facebook in 2022, Jacqueline noted that she didn’t want to do this bikini contest.

Below is what she said:

“We had chemistry in the ring. I loved working with her and I had no problem with her. It was fun at the time.

Then, they wanted us to do a bikini contest. I didn’t want to do the bikini contest because I’m a wrestler.

I’m a trained wrestler and I want to wrestle.”

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