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WWF Historian Tries To Acquire Rare Audio Recordings Of Shows That Don’t Exist On Video

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WWF Historian Richard Land from TheHistoryOfWWE already acquired several audio recordings of World Wide Wrestling Federation shows from the 70s, that weren’t taped on video tapes back then, so the audio files are literally everything that still exists from those WWWF events.

Richard recently started a fundraiser (tap here) to help acquire more rare WWWF audio recordings from the 1970s, which he will make available to fans after he purchases them.

Here’s what the GoFundMe page reads:

“Hi, my name is Richard Land from TheHistoryofWWEcom.

You may have seen me post before about raising funds to help acquire rare WWWF audio recordings of shows that do not exist on video, and these audio reels are the only surviving recordings left of these shows.

Even if your have zero interest in this era of wrestling, anything you can donate to help in my efforts to raise funds for this third batch of audio recordings is highly appreciated.

The interviews alone are more than worth it with tons of promos from the likes of Lou Albano, Freddie Blassie, the Grand Wizard, Superstar Billy Graham, Big Cat Ernie Ladd and many others.

Also featured in this new batch of 15 shows is a full show from 1973, a WWWF Tag Title switch from 1975 that doesn’t exist on video, another match of a young Randy Savage (Randy Poffo) in the WWWF, plus lots of early hype for the Muhammad Ali vs Antonio Inoki 1976 closed circuit event that was promoted by the WWWF, and so much more!”

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