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WWF Legend Got Arrested At Age 12 For Kissing A Girl

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WWF Legend The Big Show was once a guest on The Howard Stern Show, where he revealed that he was arrested at the age of 12 after he kissed a girl, but people thought he was a lot older and assumed he was a p*dophile.

Here’s what Paul Wight (his real name) had to say:

“The first girl I ever kissed I got arrested for crying out loud. Yeah, I was 6’2”, 220 lbs, with hair on my chest and here’s a girl in the same class as me, she’s 11, I got a crush on her.

I’m at the roller skating ring, I get arrested. The guy asked me for my ID, I don’t even have a library card for crying out loud. I’m 12. I’m in tears in front of all my classmates.

I had a mustache, little chocolate mustache. This guy treating me like I’m some kind of a p*dophile. Yeah, I’m only 12 years old, my first kiss, I’m arrested in the back of a squad car.

All my friends in school are standing outside. Traumatized.”

The 7ft athlete first wrestled for World Championship Wrestling (WCW) as The Giant from 1995 until he left and joined the World Wrestling Federation in 1999 and became known as The Big Show.

He left the (renamed) WWE in 2007 but returned the next year in 2008 and stayed loyal to the company until he left for Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling in 2021.

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