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WWF Legend Is Taking Time Off From AEW

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WWF Legend & current AEW commentator Jim Ross is taking time off from All Elite Wrestling. He needs time to heal his leg. He is cancer-free, but is still dealing with some issues.

He also gave a big update on his AEW future. Below are the highlights from his podcast:

Taking time off:

“I’m gonna take some time off starting this week. I’m not going to be at Collision this week. My doctor believes that if I take a couple or a few weeks off, I’m not sure how many, we’ll see, it’s got to heal, that being off the airplane for a few weeks would be good for my leg to heal. So that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna take a few weeks off.

Every Tuesday I go to the doctor, wound doctor, and he scrapes my wound. He gets rid of all the dead tissue, which is not a fun thing. They do it with a scalpel and they just slice it off, slice off all the bad stuff. So that’s what I do on Tuesdays. If we get down to where we’re slicing off less than we’re leaving, we win. So it’s really that simple. So I’m not going to be on TV for a while until I can navigate the waters a little bit.

So I want to take some time off to get my leg to heal. Folks have been following me, goddang, I’ve been suffering with this sh*t for almost two years. How much good barbecue can a country boy eat? So somewhere along the way, man, I gotta turn the corner and get better. I’m not in a great deal of pain except when I get to the city I’m flying to. My leg swells up like a cantaloupe and it hurts like hell. So I want to try to not travel, see how that affects me, and go from there. So I’ll be missing for a couple of weeks. I’ll keep everybody posted here. You’ll find out first right here. I appreciate everybody’s concern.”

His AEW future:

“I have a contract that’s in place. I intend to honor it. It still has a few months left. Tony Khan has indicated to me as early as this week, at least to my representative, Barry Bloom, that he’d like for me to stay. I’m not looking to go anywhere, it’s just I need to heal. That’s all. Simplistically as that.

So I have no plans on leaving AEW. I like working for Tony. Tony has been good to me, he’s taken great care of me, and you know, we just have a very unique relationship. I’m not high maintenance. Even with a bad leg and stuff, I don’t want to be high maintenance. I managed high maintenance when I was in charge of talent for WWE.

I understand the mindset of what you gotta deal with when you’re dealing with a talent that can’t or isn’t 100%, and I’m not 100% right now, but I will be enough to go do my job and with my ego as it is, people are gonna say, ‘Well, here it comes.’ I’m not gonna let somebody be better than me, at least in my view. I worked too many years to build a work relationship with our audience, an audience that I love and that love me, and it’s very emotional for me to talk about that, but I’m a big believer that things are gonna get better.

I’m 71 years old. I’m not ready to be turned out to pasture. Now for a young guy listening to this, they’re gonna say, ‘Jesus Christ. That’s old.’ Well, hopefully, you’re gonna find out someday how old that is. So that’s how I look at that deal, man. I’m blessed to be alive. We all are. Count your blessings. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, you know?”

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