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WWF Legend On Why WWE Should Not Bring Back The Hardcore Championship

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During a recent episode of his weekly ‘Oh! You Didn’t Know’ podcast, WWF Legend The Road Dogg Jesse James talked about the famous Hardcore Championship and argued about why he believes this Title should not be brought back in the current era of WWE.

Here’s what the 2019 WWE Hall of Famer said about the Hardcore Title:

“I think there’s room for it today, but my argument against it today would be if you had that, then you have to have that on TV, then you have to go hardcore, and then that’s not special when you want to go there in a heated angle.

Then you get to Hell in the Cell and all that comes out or whatever is the end, the finishing product of a hot angle or a hot story that’s been going on, you know, it just normalizes the hardcore aspect, or the dare I say violent aspect of those things.

It should warrant where you’re at in a story. It should warrant, I’m gonna hit you with something now. You know what I mean? It’s not just every week that’s what we do.

So that would be my argument against having that Hardcore Title today.”

The WWF Hardcore Championship was first awarded to Mick Foley on November 2nd 1998 and lasted until Rob Van Dam unified the title with the WWE Intercontinental Championship on August 26th 2002, including 240 reigns that were shared among 52 wrestlers who held that belt.

While WWF Veteran Crash Holly was probably the Superstar most synonymous with that title, he ‘only’ won it on 22 different occasions, while WWF/ECW/WCW Veteran Raven holds the record for the most WWF/WWE Hardcore title reigns: 27.

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