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WWF Legend Once Missed A Flight Because He Got Drunk With John Cena

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• WWF Legend Once Missed A Flight Because He Got Drunk With John Cena

During a recent episode of his weekly ‘Something To Wrestle With’ podcast, Old School WWF Legend Bruce Prichard (Brother Love) told a story about missing a flight once after getting drunk with John Cena.

This would end up being the only time he ever missed a flight, while working for the WWF (later WWE) from 1987 until 2008 and again from 2018 till now.

Here’s what Bruce said:

“We were celebrating, and of course we got back to the bar in the Mariott in San Diego and Cena kept the bar open for us, and so we’re celebrating, having a good time, and they’re doing shots. [Conrad], you know me, I don’t do shots.

John’s like, ‘Bruce, it’s my first movie, it could be my last movie, do a shot with me,’ so I did the Ric Flair and I tossed the shot and he caught me. He’s like ‘I’ve never been so insulted…’ and it was a Dirty Sanchez, which is tequila and some other crap.

Tequila does not sit well with me, there’s something about it, man, that can make you get metaphysically crazy drunk, and I did it with him. Then we sat together and we did every shot making sure that the other one was drinking everything that they had in it.

Long and short of it is I woke up in my bed, tucked in. When I say tucked in, I was put in my bed in my suit, shoes still on, tie still on, in my suit, and the covers tucked into the bed. So that when I started to come to and started to get up, it’s like everything’s tied down. Not tied down, but tucked into the bed and sheets.

Cena had apparently got me back to the room, put me in bed, tucked me in, took my briefcase, and put what he thought was my phone on my briefcase, and I guess went and tucked in everybody else he needed to tuck in.

When I woke up, it was 3:45 in the afternoon the next day. It is the one and only time I had ever missed a flight, especially going home by waking up late or doing something stupid like that.

So my entire career, I had never missed a flight and that was the one and only time that I actually missed the flight for not being able to get to the flight. I know that I had wake-up calls and alarms and all that sh*t set.”

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