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7. Jeff Hardy Says Roman Reigns Is His Dream Opponent, Reveals Which Match He Wants To Be In Before He Retires

During the “Reborn by Fate” interview with Corey Graves on the WWE Network, The Hardy Boyz discussed possible singles runs in the future, their dream opponents & more. Below are the highlights:

Matt Hardy on their possible singles run:

“I’m very happy doing our tag team deal right now, but I think there will be a day when we both take on a single’s role. Jeff has won the WWE Title. That’d be my goal, try and win a major single’s title. I like the process of taking risks to evolving and changing and I think that’s one of the most exciting parts of this now. And I think that will happen when we both do our own thing as single’s competitors.”

Jeff Hardy on his dream opponent and the match he wants to do before he retires:

“It’s Roman Reigns. My main thing is a Hell In A Cell. I’ve never had one of those matches and whether it’s a tag team Hell In A Cell or a single, I’ve got to do that before I’m done. That’s on my bucket list for sure.”

Matt Hardy on his dream opponents:

“I think about matches with Reigns and myself. And I mean, guys like Finn, guys like Seth Rollins. Matt Hardy versus Bray Wyatt is going to be dynamite.”

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