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6. Impact Wrestling Star Gives His Opinion On How Wrestling Companies Can Compete With WWE

During a recent interview with Sporting News, Impact Wrestling star Moose talked about Jeff Jarrett’s return to the company, problems with Dixie Carter, how wrestling companies can compete with WWE & more. Below are the highlights:

On Jeff Jarrett’s return to the company:
“I love being part of Impact Wrestling and especially love that Jeff Jarrett is back with the company. He’s our leader. It’s awesome because he’s the one who started the company and he’s the one who made the company great. I think we went into a slump when he left it. He’s going to bring us back to where we were when he was there.”

On the one flaw that Dixie Carter had:
“I think the biggest thing is just knowing that there’s somebody in the office that actually knows what they’re doing. Dixie was a great person but I think her only flaw was that she didn’t know much about wrestling. The product actually showed. But I think it’s great now that we have Jeff who knows about wrestling and was brought up in the wrestling business and he’s leading us.”

On how Wrestling companies can compete with WWE:
“It gets me so mad when companies are like ‘we don’t work with this company’ or ‘we don’t work with this company’. I think that’s so stupid because as of right now, WWE is the biggest wrestling company in the world. Everybody knows that. I feel like the only way that companies could catch up to WWE is to do a combination. I think it would be great for business for a company like Impact Wrestling to work with Ring of Honor and I think we were close to having that relationship before the Hardy’s left the company. We’ll see. You never say never in wrestling.”

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