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WWF Legend Says Dan Severn Wouldn’t Be Able To Pick Him Up & Throw Him In A Shoot

Psycho Sid Vicious Justice

• OLD SCHOOL VIDEO HISTORY (December 24, 1988) – NWA World Wide Wrestling

On this day in 1988, Jim Crockett Promotions aired an episode of their weekly TV show ‘NWA World Wide Wrestling’.

This episode featured pre-taped matches, interviews & storyline segments on the road to ‘Starrcade 1988’.

The card can be found below:

– Midnight Express vs. George South & Scrub

– Interview: Original Midnight Express

– Rick Steiner vs. Scrub

– Heidi Lee Morgan & Moolah (not Lillian Ellison) vs. Linda Dallas & Kat LaRue

– Interview: Barry Windham & JJ Dillon

– Dr. Death & Mike Rotunda vs. Scrubs

– Interview: Ric Flair

– Dustin Rhodes & Kendall Windham vs. Scrubs

– Interview: Sting

– Junkyard Dog vs. Max McGyver

– Interview: JYD & Rick Steiner

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• WWF Legend Says Dan Severn Wouldn’t Be Able To Pick Him Up & Throw Him In A Shoot

In this flashback article, we take a look at an old shoot interview with former WWF & WCW World Heavyweight Champion Psycho Sid, where Sid talked about WWF Attitude Era wrestler & UFC Hall Of Famer Dan Severn, Bart Gunn, WWF Brawl For All & more.

Below are the highlights:

Host: I’m curious for your thoughts on this: Dan Severn, when he was in WWF, he did an interview with us. And he said that he thought on his way out, Royal Rumble was one of his last shows, and he said he thought to himself – “What would they do if I just started shooting in there and just started throwing everybody over the top and taking over?”

What do you think about something like that?

Sid: I think it’s silly. First of all, I don’t know Dan that well. Just met him once or twice. He’s not gonna pick me up and throw me out or anything. I mean I’ve wrestled with a lot greater wrestlers than him. I’m talking Olympic wresters. So I can hold my own a little bit.

That wouldn’t have been a good idea, especially, if you had some people in there that knew what they were doing as well and they would have picked on it. But I think when you’re a person like that and your whole life is circled around reel, I think that had to come across your mind, like you said – he said he would want to do this on his way out.

But what happens in that, when you’re silly enough or stupid enough to broadcast that, you’re never gonna be in a position to do that. They’re gonna set you up like they did Bart Gunn. Bart really wasn’t scheduled to win that, Brawl for All.

Host: We just did an interview with Bart a month ago and we talked a lot about it and he said that the winner was supposed to get a match with Steve Austin and so on and so forth. Then he said, he went to the bookers and said, “Hey, let me just work this thing.” They were like, “No, no, no… go out there, go out there.” And then when he won, it kind of shocked them. And he said he was willing to do whatever they wanted.

Sid: Well, that’s funny what you said because I heard just the opposite. I heard that they asked him not to beat Steve Williams. Steve Williams, we all know they were scheduling or working up to go against Steve Austin.

Host: Well yeah, he said that he would put Steve Williams over and let’s see if Williams does his deal with Steve Austin.

Sid: Well if Bart says, that’s got to be the truth. Bart is one of the most honest guys you’re going to hear.

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