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AEW Star Says Steroids Shouldn’t Be Banned In Wrestling

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The topic of anabolic steroids is always a controversial topic.

Some people think steroids shouldn’t be banned, as they have a lot of benefits for athletes if used the right away (which is cycling them, getting checked by a doctor on a regular basis, not abusing them, not abusing other stuff with it, like alcohol, pain pills, etc), while others believe athletes should just away from them.

Majority of Old School Wrestlers used PEDs and some current era wrestlers still use it, despite WWE’s Wellness Policy in place.

Old School WWF Legend Jim Ross (who currently works in AEW) was asked if steroids should be banned in pro-wrestling or not.

Here’s what Good Ol’ JR said:

“Hell no. Absolutely not. I believe that talents, all talents should get on-going medical exams. In other words, the things that are important to know: more regular blood work than normal perhaps, but certainly every week. Our guys should be checked.

I think they are checked every week. But our guys in AEW should be checked every Wednesday. Blood pressure, all that good stuff is what you can do simple. Just checks and balance, and keep a record of it. Any vacillation or change should be noted.

But I don’t believe that steroids are a… look, it’s a performance art. It’s not the NFL, and I’m not so sure it makes a sh*t even in the NFL. It has the same negative baggage that marijuana has. It has not been accepted widely, mass appeal…it has not been accepted widely enough to get that, ‘Ok, it’s alright.’

Now the marijuana issues are becoming that way because States are saying that legalized marijuana… and look, there’s a lot of issues that come with that. I get it folks.

I get it, but the bottom line as Stone Cold would say is a lot of money is going to the bottom line of these State coffers that need the money for school books and things of that nature.

As long as that money is being put to good use for the children and educating our people for one thing and for health care, things of that nature, then hell yeah. Let’s create new money, new revenue.”

Good Ol’ JR talked about this talk once before as well on his podcast, where he said steroids aren’t a “death drug” and help a lot with recovery:

“I think the steroid thing gets a bad rap. It’s not a death drug, it’s not unlike any other pharmaceutical that is consumed without a doctor’s care and supervision.

The thing I’ve always talked to guys about with steroids is we take for granted the schedule that they had and the fact that they do their own stunts, they take flat back bumps hundreds of times a year which your body is not built for and it’s a recovery drug as well. Nobody wants to talk about that aspect of it.

I’m a little bit more benevolent to the steroid issue in general, but I’m not for it to be done without a talent being under a doctor’s care. A lot of guys didn’t want to go to a doctor, some doctors had an open mind.

I’m not advocating for anybody to do it but if you’re going to do it, do it under your doctor’s care.”

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