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WWF Legend Wants To Marry His Ex-Wife Again

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During a recent appearance on the Wrestling Perspective podcast, WWF Legend Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts revealed that he plans on marrying his ex-wife Cheryl Roberts again.

Here’s what the 2014 WWE Hall of Famer had to say:

“I’m trying to talk that woman into marrying me again. I think she’s gonna do it. I mean, that’s an amazing story.

24 Years we were separated. You know, divorced for 24 years. Now we’re hooking back up and it’s just a great story and a great life.

I got a second chance to smell the roses and I’m taking advantage of it. I really am.”

Jake and Cheryl Roberts were married from 1984 until their official divorce in 2000.

The couple has 4 children together, but they were still separated because of Jake’s severe addiction issues (alcohol & drugs), that were well documented in the famous 1999 documentary ‘Beyond The Mat’.

Around March 2023 – so 24 years after they broke up and 23 years after their divorce – the two got back together and seem to be happier than ever before.

Jake Roberts wrestled for the World Wrestling Federation from 1986 until 1992, then went to Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling for a few months in 1992, but eventually returned to the WWF for another run from 1996 till 1997.

He’s now working as a manager for Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling since 2019 and is also working backstage to teach a lot of the AEW wrestlers how to cut promos and how to establish their characters.

While doing the above mentioned interview, The Snake also spoke about the current product of modern day professional wrestling.

Here’s what he said:

“I think there’s way too much out there. I mean, my God, just the amount that WWE puts out there weekly and then you throw in AEW, how many hours a week is wrestling on now? 30? There’s gotta be some wild a$$ number.

I don’t think it’s hurting wrestling. It’s giving people an opportunity to see a lot of different things. I just wish somebody had the balls to go back and go old school on everybody.

Well, it really freaked me out whenever I see the product today. It’s so different than what we did. It amazed me, but it’s not my cup of tea. I love to see what they do and I try to help them all I can with interviews and they catch on pretty quick.

The guys are amazing to watch, their movement. I just wish the public would let them do the things a little bit more in sync, if you will, and the same thing with timing. Right now, they’re going 100 miles a minute and it’s hard for me to keep up.

I’m excited whenever I see all these moves they’re doing. Are you kidding me? I love to watch Kenny Omega. He does some great stuff, man. Unbelievable. Darby Allin does some great things. Then you look at MJF. He’s got it rockin’. That kid has some heat, with everybody.”

Jake Roberts then also shared his opinion on WrestleMania 39 main eventer Cody Rhodes, the son of fellow WWF Legend ‘The American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes:

“Well, knowing Vince McMahon, I could have told you that’s what was gonna happen because everybody just knew Cody was gonna take it, and if everybody’s calling for it, Vince is going to do the opposite. He doesn’t want anybody calling his sh*t.

So, as far as business wise, I think that it did disappoint a lot of people. I don’t think it hurt Cody. I mean, my God, they threw everything but the kitchen sink at him and he held up pretty much to the end. So that didn’t hurt him, but at some point soon, I would hope that they would give a Title to him.”

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