WWF Mania (1994)

Marty Jannetty vs. Johnny Polo (Raw 12/27/93)
Mania Exclusive – Howard Finkel interviews Crush & Mr. Fuji (Augusta, ME; 12/15/93)
Macho Man Randy Savage joins the show
Men on a Mission vs. Iron Mike Sharpe & Mike Bell (Superstars 12/25/93)
Undertaker & Paul Bearer promo from the workshop
Jeff Jarrett vs. Scott Taylor – joined in progress (Challenge 12/26/93)
Lex Luger vs. Barry Horowitz (Raw 12/27/93)
Public Service Announcement – Bret Hart
Shawn Michaels vs. Phil Apollo (Superstars 12/25/93)
Kwang vignette
Razor Ramon vs. Derek Domino (Raw 12/27/93)

1/8/94 – 1-year anniversary show:
Flashback – Todd locked out of the building
IRS vs. ? (Challenge 1/2/94)
Flashback – Hillbilly Jim in the studio
Raymond Rougeau interviews Razor Ramon (Challenge 1/2/94)
Yokozuna vs. Dan Dubiel (Raw 1/3/94)
Flashback – Todd & Macho Man on USS Intrepid
Undertaker & Paul Bearer promo from the workshop
Ludvig Borga vs. ? (Challenge 1/2/94)
Flashback – Luna Vachon in the studio
Vince McMahon interviews Lex Luger (Raw 1/3/94)
Clip of Smoking Gunns vs. Bastion Booger & Bam Bam Bigelow (Raw 1/3/94)
Flashabck – Todd dressed as Bam Bam Bigelow
Bastion Booger vs. Tony Roy (Superstars 1/1/94)
Flashback – Macho Man making his music video
Marty Jannetty & 1-2-3 Kid challenge Johnny Polo for Tag Title match vs. Quebecers (Raw 1/3/94)

Mania Exclusive – Howard Finkel interviews Ludvig Borga (Augusta, ME; 12/15/93)
Tatanka vs. Jim Messanger (Challenge 1/9/94)
Jeff Jarrett vs. Rich Myers (Superstars 1/8/94)
Undertaker vs. Derek Domino (Challenge 1/9/94)
Kwang vignette
Mania Exclusive – Owen Hart vs. Rick Martel (Augusta, ME; 12/15/93)
Macho Man throws Raw cake in face of IRS (Raw 1/10/94)

1/22/94 – Live show from Providence Civic Center:
Lex Express clip
Yokozuna vs. Scott Taylor & Bert Centeno (joined in progress) (Superstars 1/8/94)
Raymond Rougeau interviews Macho Man Randy Savage (Challenge 1/16/94)
Crush/Savage Summit clip
Macho Man arrives in Providence Civic Center
Owen Hart & Bret Hart draw their numbers for the Royal Rumble match
Bre Hart/Owen Hart history clips
Bastion Booger draws number for the Royal Rumble match
Razor/IRS feud clips
Lex Luger video
Todd in production truck
Doink & Men on a Mission draw their numbers for the Royal Rumble match
Raymond Rougeau backstage interviews with Rumble participants (Superstars 1/15/94)
Undertaker/Yokozuna feud clips
Vince McMahon arrives in Providence Civic Center

Clip of Macho Man vs. IRS (Raw 1/17/94)
Todd in All American studio – interviews Randy Savage via video wall
Crush vs. Dan Dubiel (Superstars 1/22/94)
Shawn Michaels vs. Tony Roy (Challenge 1/23/94)
Doink vs. Rich Myers (Challenge 1/16/94)
Jeff Jarrett vs. John Paul (Raw 1/24/94)
Smoking Gunns vs. Barry Horowitz & Bert Centeno (Challenge 1/23/94)
Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Phil Apollo (Challenge 1/23/94)
Men on a Mission vs. Headshrinkers (Raw 1/24/94)
IRS vs. PJ Walker (Challenge 1/23/94)
Adam Bomb vs. Tommy Angel (Raw 1/24/94)

Lex Luger/Bret Hart coin toss for WrestleMania X (Raw 1/31/94)
Earthquake vs. Corey Student (Raw 1/31/94)
Vince McMahon interviews Owen Hart (All American 1/30/94)
WrestleMania Moment – Roddy Piper vs. Mr. T
Jeff Jarrett vs. Tyrone Knox (Superstars 1/29/94)
Macho Man interviews Jim Cornette
Men on a Mission vs. Terry Austin & Joey Stallings (Superstars 1/29/94)
Tatanka vs. Austin Steele (Superstars 1/29/94)
Sparky Plugg vs. Brooklyn Brawler (Superstars 1/29/94)

Macho Man/Crush contract signing for WrestleMania X
Owen Hart vs. John Paul (Raw 2/7/94)
Vince McMahon interviews Bret Hart (All American 2/6/94)
Shawn Michaels vs. Gary Sabaugh (Superstars 2/5/94)
Smoking Gunns vs. Barry Horowitz & Reno Riggins (Raw 2/7/94)
Doink vs. George South (Superstars 2/5/94)
Kwang vs. Ray Hudson (Challenge 1/30/94)
WrestleMania Moment – Crush vs. Doink
Men on a Mission vs. Jim Massanger & Terry Thomas (Challenge 2/6/94)

Alundra Blayze video
Ludvig Borga vs. Jason Voltaire (Superstars 2/12/94)
Mania Exclusive – Stan Lane podium interview with Bushwhackers (Fayetteville, NC 1/12/94)
WrestleMania MOment – Jake Roberts vs. Rick Martel
Bucky & Vinny promo
Sy Sperling promo
Sparky Plugg vs. Austin Steele (Challenge 2/13/94)
Macho Man interviews Razor Ramon
Little Richard promo
Crush vs. Jay P Stryker (Superstars 2/12/94)
Gorilla Monsoon in the studio
Bushwhackers vs. Brooklyn Brawler & George South (Challenge 2/13/94)
Rick Martel vs. Tommy Angel (Challenge 2/13/94)
Stan Lane in the studio
Tatanka vs. Jeff Jarrett (Challenge 2/13/94)

Howard Finkel clips (All American 2/20/94)
Quebecers vs. Razor Ramon & 123 Kid (Raw 2/21/94)
WrestleMania X Report- Macho Man on the phone
Bret Hart vs. Tom Prichard (Raw 2/21/94)
IRS vs. John Paul (Challenge 2/20/94)
Macho Man interviews Men on a Mission
Earthquake vs. Jim Massanger (Superstars 2/19/94)
Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Dan Dubiel (Challenge 2/20/94)

3/5/94 MISSING

3/12/94 – joined in progress:
Little Richard promo
Sparky Plugg vs. Bert Centeno (Challenge 3/6/94)
Bret Hart vs. Roddy Piper WM8 clip
Headshrinkers vs. Scott Taylor & Tony Roy (Challenge 3/6/94)
Bucky & Vinny promo
WrestleMania X Report
IRS vs. Mark Thomas (Raw 3/7/94)
Macho Man interviews Jeff Jarrett

3/19/94 MISSING

Jeff Jarrett vs. Virgil (Raw 3/7/94)
Bushwhackers vs. Quebecers + Lou Albano challenge (Raw 3/21/94)
Vince McMahon interviews Bret Hart (Raw 3/21/94)
Diesel vs. Ken Lucia – joined in progress (Raw 3/21/94)
Tatanka vs. Chris Hammrick (Raw 3/21/94)
Adam Bomb vs. John Paul (Challenge 3/27/94)
WrestleMania X clips

4/2/94 – joined progress:
Jeff Jarrett vs. Miguel Rosado (Challenge 3/27/94)
Howard Finkel in the studio
Sparky Plugg vs. Iron Mike Sharpe (Challenge 3/27/94)
Gorilla Monsoon in the studio
Owen Hart vs. PJ Walker (Superstars 3/26/94)
Men on a Mission vs. Mike Bell & Derek Domino (Challenge 3/27/94)
Jim Cornette interviews Quebecers (Raw 3/28/94)
Crush vs. Ray Hudson (Raw 3/28/94)

4/9/94 – joined in progress:
Lex Luger vs. Derek Domino (Challenge 4/3/94)
Heavenly Bodies vs. PJ Walker & John Crystal (Challenge 4/3/94)
WWF Mania co-host auditions info
Doink vs. Jim Massanger (Challenge 4/3/94)
IRS tax tips
Crush vs. Mike Khoury (Challenge 4/3/94)
Razor Ramon vs. Steve Smith (Superstars 4/2/94)

Quebecers vs. Men on a Mission – Tag Title Match (joined in progress (Raw 4/11/94)
Headshrinkers vs. Phil Apollo & Emilio Ulcia (Superstars 4/9/94)
Jerry Lawler falls off his throne (Raw 4/11/94)
King’s Court – Lex Luger (Raw 4/11/94)
WrestleMania Revenge tour promo
Mania Exclusive – Koko B. Ware vs. Bastion Booger (White Plains, NY; 3/23/94)
Duke Droese promo
Razor Ramon vs. Ben Jordan (Challenge 4/10/94)
Diesel vs. Virgil (Raw 4/11/94)
Doink & Dink clip at ice hockey charity event
Home video clips of fans who want to co-host WWF Mania
Yokozuna vs. Terry Stubbs (Greetings on Call promo throughout match) (Superstars 4/9/94)

Jeff Jarrett vs. PJ Walker (Raw 4/18/94)
Doink vs. Austin Steele (Challenge 4/17/94)
Howard Finkel interviews Jeff Jarrett
Adam Bomb vs. Terry Thomas (Challenge 4/17/94)
Clip of IRS attacking Tatanka (Superstars 4/16/94)
IRS vs. Major Yates (Raw 4/18/94)
Duke Droese promo
WrestleMania Revenge tour promo
Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Mike Freeman (Superstars 4/16/94)
Earthquake vs. Mike Bell (Raw 4/18/94)

Lex Luger vs. Black Phantom (Challenge 4/24/94)
Doink vs. Austin Steele (Challenge 4/17/94)
Razor Ramon vs. Jeff Jarrett – IC Title (Raw 4/25/94)
Undertaker sighting vignette
Owen Hart vs. Gary Sabaugh (Superstars 4/23/94)
Duke Droese promo
King’s Court – Nikolai Volkoff (Raw 4/25/94)
WWF Mania co-host clips

5/7/94 MISSING

5/14/94 – joined in progress:
Razor Ramon vs. Kwang – KOTR Qualifying Match (Raw 5/9/94)
Piper/Lawler clips
Dink interview (clip) (Superstars 4/30/94)
WrestleMania Revenge tour promo
WWF Mania last week – Todd Pettengill in Vince McMahon’s office
WWF Mania co-host clips
Vince McMahon in the studio
Crush vs. Raymond Roy (Raw 5/9/94)
Jerry Lawler in the studio
Ted DiBiase/Nikolai Volkoff interview (clip) (Superstars 5/7/94)
King’s Court – Yokozuna, Mr. Fuji, Jim Cornette (Raw 5/9/94)
Bushwhackers vs. Heavenly Bodies (Challenge 5/8/94)

5/21/94 – joined in progress:
Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Sparky Plugg – KOTR Qualifying Match (Raw 5/16/94)
Earthquake vs. Yokozuna – Sumo match (Raw 5/16/94)
Lex Luger vs. Tony Devito (Challenge 5/15/94)
WrestleMania Revenge tour promo
Undertaker sighting vignette
Jeff Jarrett vs. John Paul (Challenge 5/15/94)
Diesel vs. Mike Moraldo (Raw 5/16/94)
King’s Court – Nikolai Volkoff & Ted DiBiase (Raw 5/16/94)
WWF Mania co-host clips

5/28/94 MISSING

6/4/94 – joined in progress:
Ted DiBiase promo (Superstars 5/28/94)
King’s Court – Bret Hart, Diesel & Shawn Michaels (Raw 5/30/94)
Smoking Gunns vs. Iron Mike Sharpe & Tony DeVito (Superstars 5/28/94)
Tatanka vs. Crush – KOTR Qualifying Match (Raw 5/30/94)
WWF Mania co-host clips
Clip following Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Tony Roy (Challenge 5/29/94)
WrestleMania Revenge tour promo
Yokozuna vs. Corey Student (Superstars 5/28/94)

Quebecers vs. Tony Roy & Tim McNeany (Superstars 6/4/94)
D-Day Challenge Tug of War clips
New Generation promo
Jeff Jarrett vs. Burt Centeno (Challenge 6/5/94)
WWF Mania co-host clips
Razor Ramon vs. Keith Davis (Raw 6/6/94)
King’s Court – Roddy Piper impersonator (Raw 6/6/94)
Nikolai Volkoff vs. Derek Domino (Superstars 6/4/94)
Ted DiBiase/Paul Bearer promos (Superstars 6/4/94)
Gorilla Monsoon clip
WrestleMania Revenge tour promo
Bam Bam Bigelow clip (Raw 6/6/94)
Diesel & Shawn Michaels/Bret Hart promos (Superstars 6/4/94)
Doink vs. Reno Riggins (Challenge 6/5/94)

Tatanka vs. George South (Challenge 6/12/94)
Headshrinkers vs. Quebecers – Tag Titles – joined in progress (Raw 6/13/94)
Yokozuna & Crush vs. Smoking Gunns (Superstars 6/11/94)
WWF Mania co-host top 5 announcement and winner – Jason Taruskin
New Generation promo
Heartbreak Hotel – Ted DiBiase & Undertaker (Superstars 6/11/94)
Hall of Fame Ceremony clips
Diesel vs. PJ Walker (Superstars 5/28/94)

King of the Ring clips
Sparky Plugg vs. Tim McNeany (Challenge 6/12/94)
King’s Court – Duke Droese – clips (Raw 6/20/94)
IRS vs. Chris Duffy (Challenge 6/19/94)
New Generation promo
Clips of WWF Mania co-host winner Jason Taruskin
123 Kid vs. Nikolai Volkoff (Raw 6/20/94)
Jeff Jarrett vs. Gary Sabaugh (Challenge 6/19/94)
Yokozuna vs. Nick Barberry (Raw 6/20/94)
Yokozuna/Typhoon confrontation (Raw 6/20/94)

7/2/94 – incomplete:
Hosted by Todd & co-host winner Jason Taruskin
Kwang vs. Chris Hammerick (Superstars 6/25/94)
Virgil vs. Reno Riggins (Challenge 6/26/94)
Clip of 123 Kid vs. Nikolai Volkoff (Raw 6/20/94)
Bret Hart New Generation promo
Undertaker vs. PJ Walker (Superstars 6/25/94)
King’s Court – Jim Neidhart & Owen Hart (Raw 6/27/94)
Bret Hart on the phone to Todd & Jason

7/9/94 – incomplete:
123 Kid vs. Reno Riggins (Superstars 7/2/94)
Bret Hart New Generation promo
Heartbreak Hotel – Paul Bearer (Superstars 7/2/94)
Owen Hart vs. Jim Powers (Challenge 7/3/94)
Tatanka vs. Jeff Jarrett (Raw 7/4/94)
The Bushwhackers vs. Duane Gill & Barry Hardy (7/1/94; Bushkill, PA)

The 1-2-3 Kid & Sparky Plugg vs. Well Dunn (8/30/94; Milwaukee, WI)

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