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WWF Tag Team Legend Claims He Rejected Sunny’s Advances

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2011 WWE Hall of Famer Sunny is currently in prison after causing a car crash under the influence of alcohol, that killed another driver.

During a recent interview on ‘Hannibal TV’, WWF Tag Team Legend Marty Jannetty was asked if he ever slept with Sunny during their time in the World Wrestling Federation.

Here’s what Marty replied:

“I don’t mind telling you, no.

It’s not that it couldn’t have been, it’s not that it wasn’t offered, I hate to say it that way, and it’s not that I don’t think she’s a pretty girl, and it ain’t like I didn’t hear her next door quite a bit.

When I say next door, the room next door, I would hear her.”

He is most likely referring to an empty locker room, where – on several occasions – she would have $ex with Shawn Michaels while Skip (Chris Candido) was wrestling, with Kevin Nash watching the door.

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