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WWF Tag Team Legend Recalls Getting Fired From WCW

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Barry Darsow, better known as WWF Tag Team Legend Demolition Smash, recently appeared on an episode of The Wrestling Perspective Podcast and discussed his 1994-1995 run as Blacktop Bully in Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling.

Despite a zero tolerance policy on blading (bleeding on purpose during a match), he and Dustin Rhodes bleeded intentionally during their King of the Road match at the WCW Uncensored 1995 pay-per-view, after agent Mike Graham told them to do so.

Here’s what Darsow had to say:

“When I had that truck match with Rhodes in WCW, we had so much fun and we both got fired.

It was incredible. We ended up bleeding like crazy everywhere.

The office told us to get blood, so we end up hitting the barbed wire.

The next day, I got a call from Eric Bischoff, ‘The good news, it’s one of the better matches I’ve ever seen. The bad news, You’re fired. You weren’t supposed to have any blood on TV’.

This was an uncensored match. Mike Graham, who was our agent, said we had to be bleeding from head to toe, which we were, and we’re gonna get fired over that?

He says ‘Yeah, but please Barry don’t give me a stink. I’ll hire you back. I promise’.”

Eric Bischoff ended up keeping his word and hired Barry Darsow back for another run with WCW from 1997 until 1999.

His opponent Dustin Rhodes, who was also fired, went to the WWF and became Goldust, one of the most famous gimmicks in professional wrestling history.

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