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WWF Veteran Announces Retirement Last Night (Video), Vince Russo Discusses An Alternate Scenario For Last Week’s Raw – Tag Team Champions Turn Their Back On Roman Reigns

Bubba Ray Dudley - Bully Ray

Vince Russo Discusses An Alternate Scenario For Last Week’s Raw – Tag Team Champions Turn Their Back On Roman Reigns

During a recent edition of “The Brand” podcast, Vince Russo, along with OVW Veteran Kenny Bolin and co-host Jeff Lane, discussed last week’s episode of Raw (which featured The Shield reunion). Below is their conversation:

Russo: We had the opening segment with the Miz and his Mizzies and Cesaro & Sheamus came out. Now Jeff, I may have missed something, but was there any explanation to why Cesaro and Sheamus joined Miz other than they needed three guys for The Shield? Did they ever explain why they came out?

Jeff: I don’t think so.

Kenny: Any segment that opens up that’s got Sheamus in it normally makes me turn television off. I love Cesaro, but Sheamus don’t do too much for me. But I hear he’s Triple H’s boy and apparently that’s good enough to keep you on television for a long time. If I were booking things, I did not see that as the way to kick off Raw after you have come off with your pay-per-view.

Russo: Kenny, I say this all the time. There comes a point sometimes you just got to give the audience what they want. They wanted a Shield reunion. That is what they wanted. You had to give them a Shield reunion. But Jeff, there was the side of Vince Russo that when they were on the stage and Rollins came out and joined them and Ambrose came out and joined them, bro, I would have paid anything to see the two of them beat the s*** out of Reigns.

I mean think about this for a second, like seriously. Of course this is what the fans wanted, this is what they’ve been teasing, so you put the Shield together, you get the big pump. But let’s look at the other side of that coin. Can you imagine if Rollins and Ambrose would have jumped Reigns after he trusted them and thought the Shield was coming back together?

Bro, you talk about finally putting that guy in a lone-wolf spot. You know what I’m saying, bro? Now Reigns would be like F it bro, F you, F everybody. I don’t trust anybody. Now you could have really put him in a freaking spot and you could have always come back to the Shield. You still had the Shield in your hip pocket.

I would love to see Reigns in that kind of role, but this was a situation where you had to give the people what they wanted. It worked. Everybody was happy about the Shield.

– WWF Veteran Announces Retirement Last Night (Video)

At last night’s ROH Global Wars event, WWF Veteran Bubba Ray Dudley announced his retirement from Professional Wrestling. Prior to the emotional announcement, Bubba Chokeslammed Kazarian through a table.

You can watch it below:

Below is what Bubba tweeted after the event:

For those who don’t know, Bubba announced last month that he might have to retire due to head trauma. It should be noted that Bubba’s retirement could be due to the Table shot that he took at Ring of Honor’s Death Before Dishonor iPPV. Bubba was taken to the hospital after this table shot. You can check out the table shot below:

You can watch The Dudley Boyz’ final WWE appearance below:

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