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WWF Veteran Begged His Brother Not To Fight Shawn Michaels Over Sunny Affair

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Johnny Candido – the brother of the late, great Chris Candido – was recently interviewed on an episode of Rene Dupree’s ‘Cafe de Rene’ podcast, where he revealed that Chris prevented him from fighting Shawn Michaels over the affair with Sunny.

Here’s what Johnny had to say:

“You know, years later, I mean, I’ll say this. When, you know, like around the time when like right before in 03-04, he was like ‘Dude, listen’.

He’s like ‘You’re gonna come across Shawn Michaels. Don’t be a d*ck. Don’t f***ing start anything thinking you’re doing me a favor’.

He’s like ‘f***ing be cool. For all you know, it’s rumors. And if anything did happen, I haven’t been perfect either. So, it’s water under the bridge. Don’t start anything’.”

While both were working for the World Wrestling Federation back in 1996, Sunny allegedly cheated on her real-life boyfriend Chris Candido (Skip of The Bodydonnas) with then WWF Champion Shawn Michaels.

Rumor has it, that they went as far as to have s*x in an empty locker room backstage, with Kevin Nash watching the door, all while Candido was having a match in the ring.

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