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WWF Veteran Isn’t Happy About Dominik Mysterio Ripping Off His Nickname

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WWE RAW Superstar Dominik Mysterio – son of WCW Legend Rey Mysterio – has a new nickname, as he’s also referred to as ‘Dirty Dom’ these days.

Old School Wrestling Veteran ‘Dirty’ Dutch Mantell took to Twitter and didn’t exactly seem very happy about WWE ripping off his old nickname.

Here’s what Dutch tweeted:

“WTF?? WWE just blatantly ripped off my DIRTY name by now calling Dominik Mysterio, Dirty Dominik? That doesn’t even sound right.

There’s only one DIRTYMAN and it’s Dirty Dutch Mantell. Thanks WWE for being so original.”

Mantell later added another Tweet about the nickname situation:

“The name ‘Dirty Dutch’ is legendary. WWE just like a thief in the night decided to bestow the Dirty moniker on Dominik Mysterio.

If they really wanted to be original, they would have called him Sucio which is Spanish for Dirty. Thanks Triple H, Vince McMahon”

WWF/WWE fans will remember old school territory wrestler ‘Dirty’ Dutch Mantell as Uncle Zebekiah (WWF), the manager of The Blu Brothers in 1995 and the manager of Justin “Hawk” Bradshaw (later known as JBL) in 1996.

He was also known as Zeb Colter (WWE), who managed Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro in 2013 & 2014 and also Alberto Del Rio in 2015.

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