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WWF Veteran On Kurt Angle Being Shown As A Feeble Old Man On Raw During The “Under Siege” Segment, Kane To Slay Another Top Star On Tonight’s Raw?


WWF Veteran On Kurt Angle Being Shown As A Feeble Old Man On Raw During The “Under Siege” Segment

During a recent edition of “The Taz Show” podcast, WWF Veteran Taz discussed the “Under Siege” segment on last week’s episode of Raw. Below is what Taz had to say about this:

“I didn’t see this coming and I was really surprised because what they did here was they really painted Shane as a heel. I thought that was interesting. That’s really how I took it, the whole under siege thing. Earlier in the night he popped up out of nowhere. Kurt was so happy to see him. They know each other for a lot of years. They go way back.

So that meeting of them backstage on camera was very cool and Kurt did a good job because it seemed like Kurt was kind of just ad-libbing. I just always think it’s better to ad-lib as long as the company lets you.

Bottom line is he kind of was…..When I say scumbag type sh*tty heel, the character Shane McMahon, that’s kind of what it was. Because later on he came through the audience with the whole SmackDown roster which was very odd.

Meaning that’s a sneaky, scummy heel thing to do where you’re there acting like you’re just by yourself and saying hello to your old friend, but meanwhile you got your whole roster with you.

And then you’re not just gonna bum-rush down a live broadcast, but now you’re gonna just run throughout the whole locker room and beat up all Kurt’s talent and then hang out in a ring where there’s no blood on Shane’s hands.

He just hits the one line on the siege and then they, I think it was Rusev, hold Kurt’s arms, bring him out towards ringside like he’s a feeble old man. The night before he was fu*kin’ suplexing guys left and right and beating people up with a flak jacket on.

This guy just wrestled. He’s Kurt Angle. He’s a gold medalist. But anyway, I was surprised they did this which means I liked it. When I saw Shane leading the pack coming down, I was surprised. Now from a ratings perspective they could have did something to kind of hook the audience.

Maybe it would have been better if they would have uh…. when Kurt and Shane met backstage if they would have did a little thing where there was a little, it was teeny bit of tension like competitive tension towards the end of their promo, but nothing crazy. If they went maybe a little another level something where they painted Shane as this heel. This would have fit perfectly.

Where as they say goodbye to each other backstage earlier and Shane is – “I got to get out of here. We got SmackDown tomorrow and Kurt we’ll go – Yeah yeah I know”. Have a great show and all. I appreciate the stuff with AJ Styles or whatever. And then as they shake hands, maybe it’s that Kurt was going to walk away and then Shane kind of pulls him back a little bit and he goes- “Oh by the way champ, watch your back. And Shane then walks away.

I mean they went a little off the rails which was nice with this whole invasion I guess. They’ll probably stay away from that word that’s why they used “Under Siege”. See that’s WWE’s deal. These are things you won’t hear – Dancing with the table or Raw Talk, Smackdown Talk or Sunday Night Heat Talk.

So basically you don’t want to make anything feel recycled. And they’re smart for this and this is what they do. I’m just letting you know. I’m pulling back the curtain on their deal. That’s why the word is “Under Siege” because it’s a new word, it’s a new hashtag. They could make merchandise or whatever they wanted to.”

Below is what WWE posted about the “Under Siege” ahead of tonight’s episode of Raw:

“Last week, Commissioner Shane McMahon and the Superstars of SmackDown launched a brutal surprise ransacking that brought Raw completely under siege. But how will Team Red respond?

Even though SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan had security on full alert for any retribution Tuesday on SmackDown LIVE, Raw didn’t answer back with a retaliatory strike. How and when will Raw’s response take place? Will a counter-assault happen at all? What is the current the state of mind of the Raw Superstars?

Plus, considering that Raw didn’t respond swiftly with a raid of its own on SmackDown LIVE, would Shane dare to attempt a second onslaught on Monday Night Raw this week?”

Kane To Slay Another Top Star On Tonight’s Raw?

As seen on last week’s episode of Raw, former WWF Champion Kane destroyed the former WWE Universal Champion, Finn Balor. WWE is teasing that Kane might slay another top star on Raw tonight.

Below is what they posted:

“At WWE TLC, Kane took out his own teammate, Braun Strowman, after savagely attacking The Gift of Destruction from behind. The Devil’s Favorite Demon then returned to Monday Night Raw last week to make it clear that he was the only Monster that matters in WWE.

Though it has been reported that Strowman will be out for weeks or perhaps even months after being thrown into a garbage truck by his own team at the pay-per-view, The Big Red Machine is looking for competition. After taking care of Finn Bálor in brutal fashion, who will be next?”

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