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WWF Veteran Not Impressed With Luke Harper & Erick Rowan’s New Gimmick On SmackDown Live

Luke Harper

During a recent edition of The Taz Show, ECW/WWF Veteran Taz discussed Luke Harper & Erick Rowan’s new gimmick on SmackDown Live. For those who missed it, Harper & Rowan were re-packaged as The Bludgeon Brothers on this week’s SmackDown Live.

You can watch their vignette below:

Taz wasn’t impressed with this new gimmick and below is what he said:

“You think about it and trust me when I tell you, I like Harper, I like Rowan. They’re gonna come in, Harper and Rowan, as a tag team and that’s cool. They’re both really good talents and I do like both of them. I did not like the way the video was shot of them. I did not like the way it was shot at all.

It looked kind of corny to be honest with you. The lighting, everything, they holding these sledgehammers like Conan the Barbarian, it was a little hokey on the cusp of 2018. I mean come on, what are we doing?

I’m not blaming the wrestlers here. I’m blaming their creative and whoever came up with this gimmick. It looked a little hokey. But these are two guys that have been under contract to them for quite some time, I’m happy they’re using them.

I’m not throwing flag on that but I’m just saying you got to start bringing in some new talent. There’s a lot of great talent that’s working out there. Don’t just shovel them into NXT. There’s tons of men and women ready for Raw and SmackDown. Please stop, it’s pro wrestling at the end of the day. Stop backing like you got a farm system here.

I mean you’d got a guy like you know Bobby Roode or you had Samoa Joe or you got Eric Young and a bunch of these talents and so many others that were in NXT for a long time and none of them ready for WWE? Bull***. They were ready for WWE when they f***in came in the company, let’s be honest.”

Overall, Taz liked this week’s SmackDown Live:

“Let me let me get to SmackDown before I get too negative here. I enjoyed SmackDown. I thought it was a good show. I liked it. They did some great packaging to start to the show off. Video package on the Hell in a Cell match with Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens, they teased a couple times throughout the night.

We’re gonna hear from Sami Zayn and they gave us Sami Zayn. And that’s the guy I’m talking about that could potentially be the top heel in all of WWE.”

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