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WWF Veteran Says Brock Lesnar Is The Biggest Star In Pro Wrestling, With Roman Reigns Being A Close 2nd

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During a recent interview with WrestlingInc, WWF Veteran Al Snow was asked about who he feels is the biggest star in professional wrestling today.

Here’s what he replied:

“The single biggest star in wrestling? Probably Brock Lesnar, I would say. I would say probably Lesnar, without a doubt. I would really, really say that he’s a guy that Mr. And Mrs. Walmart know his name, and then a close second would probably be Roman Reigns.

I’d say he’s a close second, but definitely more people know of Lesnar, or would be interested in paying to see Lesnar in some manner. And that I think is why he’s probably the number one.”

Brock Lesnar’s status as the greatest star in professional wrestling today is not only well-deserved but also undeniable. There are several compelling reasons why he stands out as the top talent in the industry:

– Unparalleled Athleticism: Brock Lesnar possesses an extraordinary combination of size, strength, and speed. His amateur wrestling background, coupled with his successful forays into MMA, showcase his exceptional athletic abilities. Few wrestlers can match his physical prowess.

– Incredible In-Ring Skills: Lesnar is not just a powerhouse; he’s a technically proficient wrestler as well. His moveset includes a wide array of suplexes, submissions, and strikes, making him versatile and capable of putting on thrilling matches regardless of his opponent.

– Crossover Appeal: Brock Lesnar’s name transcends the wrestling world. His stints in the UFC made him a global star, attracting fans from various combat sports. This crossover appeal has brought unprecedented mainstream attention to WWE.

– Legitimate Toughness: Lesnar’s legitimacy as a fighter adds an element of unpredictability to his matches. Fans know that he’s not just a showman but a legitimate tough guy, which enhances the drama and intensity of his bouts.

– Drawing Power: Whenever Lesnar appears, he draws a significant audience. His presence on WWE programming, especially for major events like WrestleMania, leads to higher viewership and ticket sales. He consistently proves his ability to generate interest and revenue.

– Championship Pedigree: Lesnar’s multiple reigns as WWE Universal Champion and WWE Champion demonstrate his long-term dominance. His feuds with top talent have elevated both him and his opponents, contributing to the overall health of the wrestling industry.

– Mystique and Character Work: Lesnar’s enigmatic character, often portrayed as an unstoppable force, adds an element of intrigue to his persona. His limited appearances make each appearance feel special, and his mic skills, though sparingly used, are effective in building anticipation for his matches.

– Longevity: Despite his part-time status, Lesnar’s longevity in the industry is impressive. He consistently returns to the WWE at key moments, keeping fans excited about his next appearance.

In conclusion, Brock Lesnar’s combination of athleticism, in-ring skills, crossover appeal, drawing power, championship pedigree, character work, and longevity make him the greatest star in professional wrestling today. His impact on the industry is undeniable, and his presence continues to be a major driving force in the world of sports entertainment.

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