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WWF Veteran Was Originally Offered Stone Cold Steve Austin’s 1st WWF Gimmick

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• WWF Veteran Was Originally Offered Stone Cold Steve Austin’s 1st WWF Gimmick

During a recent interview on an episode of ‘The 90s Wrestling podcast’, Old School WWF Veteran Adam Bomb (Real name: Bryan Clark) revealed that he was originally offered the gimmick of ‘The Ringmaster’ in the spring of 1993, more than 2 years before Steve Austin actually made his World Wrestling Federation debut as the character.

Austin dropped the gimmick after a little more than a month, and the rest is history, as he became ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, who went on to become the biggest short-term draw in professional wrestling history.

Bryan Clark on the other hand had decided against the gimmick in 1993 and became Adam Bomb, but had already left the promotion a few months before Austin arrived.

Here’s what Adam Bomb said on the podcast:

“They would create characters and pitch them to Vince and he would say ‘yay or nay’ and he said ‘yay’ to that.

So they call me up and they said they had two things for me. You’ll love this. This is the honest to god truth.

They said ‘we’ve got two things for you and you can pick. You’ve got Adam Bomb or you can be The Ringmaster.

I was like, ‘well I’m not a Ringmaster, least not yet,’ so I went with Adam Bomb.

But they used Ringmaster, they had trademarked that name, and they used that and gave it to Steve Austin later. That’s how long it had been in the archives.

That’s absolutely the true story.”

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