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WWF Wanted Owen Hart To Carry Another Wrestler With Him During The Stunt At Over The Edge 1999

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Owen Hart tragically passed away 24 years ago today at WWF’s Over The Edge pay-per-view in 1999, when he was coming down from the ceiling during his entrance stunt and fell from almost 80 feet to his death.

The Wrestling Observer reported that WWF wanted a second wrestler alongside Owen for the stunt:

“Originally they wanted Max Mini, the midget, the mini — they wanted Owen to be carrying him at the same time, but he said no. He was like ‘No way’.

Owen wanted to say no, but he had turned down so many angles that he felt ‘if I say no one more time they’re just going to bury me’.

I don’t think they would ever fire him because he was too talented to fire for turning down an angle. [WWF] wouldn’t have been happy and they would have gone, ‘Ah this guy doesn’t want to do business’.”

Sadly, Owen lost his life, but Max was fortunate enough to make it safe out of the event.

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