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X-Pac Reveals What He Texted Triple H After HHH’s Heart Surgery

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• X-Pac Reveals What He Texted Triple H After HHH’s Heart Surgery

During a recent episode of his podcast, 2-time WWE Hall of Famer X-Pac talked about Triple H undergoing heart surgery recently due to a cardiac event.

Here’s what X-Pac said about his fellow D-Generation X member:

“I haven’t talked to him on the phone, but we had this running joke, Paul and I. We’d be talking forever, be on the phone for an hour or two, and finally, whenever it was time for Paul to get off the phone, he’d go, ‘Are you going to be around later?’ And he never called me later.

It was just, it’s time to take this home. I heard the news just like everyone else, and I just texted him, ‘Hey man, I’m glad you’re gonna be around later,’ and he just said, ‘Me too. Love you, kiddo,’ and that’s it. That’s the extent of what I know. I wasn’t gonna say, ‘Tell me what happened.’ I don’t need to know. I just need to know he’s okay (X-Pac got a little emotional at this point).

I’ll just say this, the things you got to deal with lately (changes to NXT), after this, I would seriously consider just cashing in and spending time with my family and saying, ‘F**k this.’

He’s got [three beautiful daughters and] a beautiful house up on a lake in New Hampshire that I would never leave if I had it. I’m just saying, if it was me.”

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