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X-Pac Reveals What Lex Luger Did For Him When He Wasn’t Making Much Money

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• X-Pac Reveals What Lex Luger Did For Him When He Wasn’t Making Much Money

During a recent ‘K&S WrestleFest’ virtual signing, WWF Legend X-Pac (aka The 1-2-3 Kid) talked about fellow legend Lex Luger and had nothing but good things to say about The Total Package.

Here’s what the 2-time WWE Hall of Famer said:

“I always thought he was a wonderful guy. He was so good to me. From the first time I came on to WWF, I wasn’t making any money. He was one of the guys – like I was getting paid, just wasn’t much. He would take me with him. Let me travel with him, let me stay in his room with him, and he wouldn’t take a dime. F**king love that guy. Even in WCW when we were together.”

Sean Waltman and Lex Luger were on the same roster while they both wrestled for the World Wrestling Federation (1993-1995) and World Championship Wrestling (1996-1997) at the same time.

Luger suffered a spinal stroke in 2007, that led to paralysis.

He had to regain movement in his arms and legs again, which took years of recovery and by 2010 he was able to walk short distances and even drive a car again.

However, by 2014, things got worse again and in 2021 he was all wheelchair bound with his overall condition not looking too good.

By 2022, Lex was doing a little better and is at least able to walk around with the assistance of handrail support, other people and crutches.

WATCH: Lex Luger Walks Again (July 2022):

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