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“You miserable piece of trash” – Big Vito To Eric Simms After Controversy About Mantaur’s Death

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Former WWE Superstar Big Vito seems absolutely p*ssed about how famous wrestling agent Eric Simms treated the death of WWF Veteran Mantaur.

Eric Simms is known to be a backstage agent – most notably The Iron Sheik (†) for many years – who books Old School Wrestling Legends for conventions, autograph signings, etc, and sells their signed merchandise online.

Apparently Eric didn’t just report about the passing of Mantaur and paid tribute to him in multiple social media posts, he also asked the fans who he should replace Mantaur with at an upcoming convention.

That did not sit well with Big Vito, which is why he posted the following rant on Facebook about Eric Simms (without mentioning the actual name):

“That’s enough. A man dies, and on the same day you advertise to replace him. You are a piece of garbage.

If a man is dying, you book him for his last pictures, you miserable piece of trash. If you do business with this man, you’re a low life scum.

I want every outlet to publish this and do interviews , have podcasts, do chats.


You have no regard for human life. These people who die are our co workers, and personal friends. Anyone who runs an event, and uses him, you are in the same class of garbage.

You have nothing but to prey on wrestler’s deaths, like you say, time is limited. You scum.

You run to another state to get the last drip. You send people on their deathbeds pictures to sign, while they’re in their hospital bed.

You’re so broken up over the Sheik’s death that you had a sale of death wrestlers merchandise, and stuck him in at the end.

People, this is the wrestling business. People are carney, shady scumbags. They don’t care how you pay. I saw it for my own 2 eyes!

A handicapped person comes to the table, he asked for picture, Do you have cash ? No, Do you have a credit card ? No, Go to your mother, and get her card . Borrow the money from a friend. Made me sick.

So the weekend of 90s WrestleCon is coming. If you let this man in the building, You to are in the same class. If you do business with him, You are just as low. I said my peace.

Now let this man have his last day on Earth quietly. As for you, you pretty much can figure it out.”

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