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2 Major Mistakes On The Kanyon Episode Of Dark Side Of The Ring

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• 2 Major Mistakes On The Kanyon Episode Of Dark Side Of The Ring

Have you seen the most recent season 3 episode of VICE’s Dark Side of the Ring featuring Old School WCW/WWF Veteran Chris Kanyon fka Mortis?

VICE actually did a very good job with most episodes so far, but after the recent ‘Plane Ride From Hell’ episode already caused some dispute, including Ric Flair denying the accusations and Rob Van Dam saying what he said was taken out of context, the Chris Kanyon episode was the next one to spot some errors in it.

First, they claimed that the new World order (nWo) ruined Kanyon’s run as Mortis, a Mortal Kombat inspired gimmick, because they turned WCW Monday NITRO into a more reality based show.

While Eric Bischoff did push for a lot more realism-based product than the World Wrestling Federation from 1995/1996 onwards, the 1996 birth of the nWo has clearly not caused the Mortis character to end, because the Mortis gimmick lasted until February of 1998.

Another error came when they claimed that Kanyon messaged WWE because he felt like he should’ve been the first openly gay pro-wrestler, but was very depressed as the job was given to Orlando Jordan who had come out being openly gay (in that case even bi-sexual) as well.

While Chris did message WWE at one point and received a reply from Stephanie McMahon, that was an entirely different scenario, because Orlando Jordan did in fact not ‘come out’ during his 2003-2006 WWE run.

When Orlando did ‘come out’, he was eventually hired by Total Nonstop Action! in early January 2010 and was allowed to portray an openly gay (bi-sexual) character on weekly television, something that Chris Kanyon was heartbroken about back then, as he felt that it should have been him to be in that spot.

That’s the exact incident they tried to describe on Dark Side of the Ring, but mixed up the timeline completely.

Chris Kanyon committed suicide by overdosing his antidepressants just about 4 months into Orlando Jordan’s TNA run on April 2, 2010, and back then the dirt sheets reported that he had killed himself because of Jordan getting what he felt was his spot.


January 4, 1970 – April 2, 2010

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This episode was broadcasted from the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and featured matches, interviews & storyline segments on the road to the ‘WWE No Mercy 2007’ PPV.

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