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5 Retired Wrestlers We Want To See Return For ‘One More Match’

5 Retired Wrestlers We Want To See Return For 'One More Match'

Is there a retired Wrestler you would like to see compete in a Pro-Wrestling match one last time (Comment below at the end of the page)? We have now listed 5 retired Wrestlers most fans would love to see in the ring again.

Keep in mind, this is only about officially retired Pro-Wrestling Superstars.

5. “The Rated-R Superstar” Edge

Edge retired in 2011 due to severe neck issues, because he didn’t want to risk a permanent damage.

Very understandable but – as opposed to the kayfabe on screen story of him never being able to compete again – that doesn’t rule out one last match.

If the time and the place is right, seeing Edge come out of retirement for one night only would most likely be a breeze of fresh air.

Especially with a stale product like we have now.

Chances of Edge returning for 1 final match: 15%

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