5 Superstars Who Defeated Goldberg

5 Superstars Who Defeated Goldberg

The Dark Match Loss That Never Happened

In an unofficial dark match on July 24, 1997 at the ‘WCW Saturday Night’ TV tapings, a still-in-training Bill Goldberg lost to WCW Enhancement Talent Chad Fortune.

You may remember Chad Fortune from the 1995 WWF Tag Team ‘Tekno Team 2000′ where he was known as Travis, teaming with Bill Watts’ son Erik Watts, then known as Troy.

He then signed with WCW World Championship Wrestling, but was only used as a Jobber during his 1997-1999 stint.

The win over a green Wrestling Student Bill Goldberg was never recorded, and it will never be officially recognised by anyone, much less the WWE (who bought WCW in 2001).

The relevance of this loss is similar to losing a Training Match in Wrestling School, with the only difference, that a couple of Fans actually got to see it that night.

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