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AEW Star Reveals If He’ll Join WWE In The Future

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• AEW Star Reveals If He’ll Join WWE In The Future

Yesterday, Wrestlevotes reported that WWE Officials are interested in AEW wrestler Wardlow, and will try to sign him once his contract with All Elite Wrestling expires.

During an interview with PWInsider, Wardlow revealed that he has no plans to ever leave Tony Khan’s promotion, and doesn’t think grass is greener on the other side.

Below is what Wardlow said:

“In 10 or 20 years, I am going to be so excited and proud to look back and say that I was one of the AEW originals. And that means so much to me because my career started — obviously, I did some indies but the world didn’t know me.

As far as the world knows, my career started with AEW and it’s going to end with AEW, and I look forward to accomplishing and growing as much as humanly possible and reaching the stars throughout the next 10 years.

AEW made my lifelong wildest dreams come true. Tony Khan gave me that, Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, they gave me that. The way people are treated there, the schedule, I am so beyond blessed and I don’t think there’s any convincing me that the grass is greener on any other side.

Very, very happy with AEW and the way I’m treated and just how the whole company is ran, head to toe.

I think we’ve got a bigger year coming in ‘22. ‘21 saw Wardlow in high-profile, high-pressure matchups. You don’t see me every week. But when you do see me, it’s usually something special.

Now, you have been seeing me a little more and I think we are going to continue seeing more of me. That’s why I say, ‘22, I think we have a lot more to come.”

Wardlow lost to CM Punk via roll-up on last night’s Dynamite. You can watch it below:

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