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AJ Styles Reacts To The Undertaker Taking A Shot At His TNA Run

AJ Styles vs Undertaker - WrestleMania 36

• ON THIS DAY IN WCW HISTORY (April 1, 1999) – WCW Thunder

On this day in 1999, Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling aired an episode of their weekly TV show ‘WCW Thunder’.

This episode was pre-taped at the Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, Virginia and featured matches & storyline segments on the road to the ‘WCW Spring Stampede 1999’ PPV.

The card of the show can be found here:

1. Norman Smiley vs. Erik Watts

2. Perry Saturn & Raven vs. Bobby Duncum Jr. & Mike Enos

3. WCW US Title Tournament – Round 1: Chris Jericho vs. Chris Adams

4. Jerry Flynn & Meng vs. Hugh Morrus & The Barbarian

5. Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko vs. Chavo Guerrero & Kaz Hayashi

6. Diamond Dallas Page vs. Horace Hogan

7. Hollywood Hogan vs. The Disciple

• AJ Styles Reacts To The Undertaker Taking A Shot At His TNA Run

On this week’s episode of RAW, The Undertaker said that AJ Styles was content being a big fish in a little pond (TNA) back in the day because he knew he wasn’t on the level of people like him, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Kurt Angle, Mick Foley, Eddie Guerrero, Booker T and Edge.

During the latest episode of WWE’s The Bump, Styles had the following to say about Undertaker’s comments:

“Listen, I would’ve been there earlier if I could’ve. Sometimes things work out the way they do and, you know, it’s a different time.

Guys aren’t as big as they used to be. Guys my size are given a chance, where back then they wouldn’t even have been given a chance to get into the ring.

So that’s all a bunch of crap that The Undertaker said. I hope it makes himself feel better.”

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