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AJ Styles’ Special WrestleMania 36 Plans Got Cancelled

AJ Styles vs Undertaker - WrestleMania 36

• On This Day In Wrestling History (July 30, 2001) – Old School NWA President Passes Away

On this day in 2001, we lost Old School NWA President Dennis Coralluzzo at the age of 48 due to bleeding in the brain.

Coralluzzo was the president & a board member of the National Wrestling Alliance from 1993 till 1999.

He was seen on ECW TV in 1994, where he was interviewed after Shane Douglas threw down the NWA World Heavyweight Championship belt and rejected the title, but some WWF fans might also remember him from appearing on RAW IS WAR in 1998, where he presented the NWA North American Heavyweight Championship, a title that was won by “Double J” Jeff Jarrett a few minutes later.


March 5, 1953 – July 30, 2001

• AJ Styles’ Special WrestleMania 36 Plans Got Cancelled

While speaking on his Twitch stream, WWE Intercontinental Champion AJ Styles discussed his Boneyard match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 36 earlier this year and shared some details about it which fans did not see on TV.

He revealed that he had a special in-ring gear prepared for the event which he couldn’t use, along with a special entrance, which got scrapped as well.

Below is what Styles said:

“I’ve got one [mask] that I’d really like to use here in WWE. Oh, I had the perfect one. It was going to be great against The Undertaker, but we know how that ended. We didn’t get the opportunity to do something like that because of the change.

You know, there were no big entrances, right? That was what we missed about WrestleMania were those entrances, and those outfits. I mean, everybody does their thing for it. You get new gear and it’s strictly for WrestleMania. It’s a big deal and, man, those entrances are awesome. I was hoping to have a great one this one, but I will not tell you what it was.”

While Styles did not share what his special entrance was going to be, Stephanie McMahon gave details about The Undertaker’s special entrance last week (tap here to know more).

The Boneyard match between Undertaker and AJ Styles won WWE’s Bumpy award for the best cinematic match of the half-year and the best feud of the half-year.

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