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Alberto Del Rio Says He Can Get Paige Fired In 2 Seconds By Releasing Videos

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Former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio has cleared his name. One charge of aggravated kidnapping and 4 charges of sexual assault against him were dismissed in December 2021.

Del Rio was accused of all these things in 2020 by a woman, with him getting arrested in May of that year. Del Rio got out on bail with a $50,000 bond, which was returned to him.

According to court records, an arraignment was held, along with a hearing and trial, but the case was dismissed due to a missing witness.

During an interview with his PR Agent, Del Rio once again sent a threat to Paige, as he claimed that he can get Paige (his former fiancee) fired by releasing videos of domestic violence.

Here’s what he said:

“The people who have wanted to damage me have been left behind, I don’t focus anymore on that. I can’t hold onto grudges.

I don’t have any interest in countering them, but if I wanted to…in my hands I have the power to take [Paige] out of her job in 2 seconds. I can bring out one of her videos of domestic violence and she would not go back to work. I don’t have any interest in that.

I continue to thank God that Paige broke the confidentiality agreement that we had. Today I am the one who can expose her and show the world who she is if she messes with me.

I want my life in peace. I don’t want anything about me on the internet, I don’t want anyone talking. [Paige] can stay calm and no one will see your videos kicking my face and neck. That stays forgotten if you don’t talk about me.”

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