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Another Sign That Sasha Banks Is Gone From WWE

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• Another Sign That Sasha Banks Is Gone From WWE

Back in May, WWE suspended Sasha Banks & Naomi for walking out of RAW. They were also stripped of the Women’s Tag Team Championship.

Raj Giri of Wrestlinginc reported in June that WWE has released Sasha.

However, PWInsider then reported the following:

“Banks and Naomi remain listed on the active WWE roster internally. There has been no change in their status made internally since they walked out on that RAW taping several weeks ago.”

After this report came out, Raj Giri reported the following:

“Here’s what I know about Sasha Banks. She was released on June 10th and it came from Erika Schreiber, VP of Business and Legal Affairs for Talent Relations.

As for why WWE has not said anything or removed her, the rumor is that leadership is trying to smooth things over.”

PWInsider then reported that Sasha & Naomi were removed from WWE’s internal roster list last week.

Recently, Paige’s WWE contract expired and she became a Free Agent.

WWE posted a video on YouTube looking at the Top 10 moments from Paige’s career. One of those moments was Paige’s return in 2017.

The original footage that was shown on TV when this happened had Sasha Banks lying in the ring with Mickie James.

In this new video, WWE chose a different camera angle where only Mickie was visible. They edited out Sasha.

You can check it out below:

Another sign that Sasha is gone from the WWE is that fans can no longer choose her as their Avatar on Peacock. Only 2 other options are available now: Roman Reigns and Asuka.

Fans that had Sasha as their Avatar will now get the default NBC Peacock icon.

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• Old School WWF Veteran Would Have Celebrated His Birthday

Today would have been the 68th birthday of Old School WWF Veteran “The Natural” Butch Reed (Real name: Bruce Reed).

Most Old School Wrestling Fans remember Butch Reed for his time in Bill Watts’ Mid-South Wrestling (1983-1986), the World Wrestling Federation (1986-1988) and Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling (1988-1992), where he formed a famous Tag Team with Ron Simmons called ‘Doom’.

During his time in the WWF, Reed was considered to become the Intercontinental Champion, but the decision was changed, when Reed no-showed an earlier house show, so they decided to put the belt on The Honky Tonk Man instead.

Unlike his former Tag Team partner Ron Simmons, Butch Reed was not inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame yet, which might not happen anytime soon either, as he was named part of a lawsuit against the WWE regarding traumatic brain injuries, which was dismissed in September 2018.


July 11, 1954 – February 5, 2021

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