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Attitude Era Legend Wants AEW To Defeat WWE In TV Ratings

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• Attitude Era Legend Wants AEW To Defeat WWE In TV Ratings

WWF Attitude Era Legend The Big Show was recently interviewed by Riju Dasgupta, where he talked about his recent video message about WWE Legend John Cena’s 20th anniversary, that was played on Monday Night RAW, despite him being signed to Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling since February 2021, where he goes by his real name Paul Wight.

Here’s what the former 7-time World Champion (WCW, WWF/E, ECW) had to say:

“That was a cool situation and I am glad that WWE gave me the opportunity to say thank you to John Cena. It was really cool of Tony Khan to allow his contracted talent to appear on another show to say thanks. This shows a lot of class, I think on both companies.

You know it’s great to be competitive, and at the same time you know the talent involved are also human beings and we have, I have a lot of friends still in WWE so, it’s nice to be able to, in an appropriate way to pay homage to a friend that has had such an amazing career.

Don’t get me wrong, we still wanna kick their a$$ in ratings. I wouldn’t expect anything less from them.”

Former AEW Wrestler Marko Stunt recently spoke about Paul Wight during an interview with NBC Sports, where Marko said the following about him:

“Me and him had talked a bit about doing an angle. I am getting beat week after week and bullied, and then he’s on commentary and I’m getting bullied one week, and finally, he gets tired of it and he throws his mic down, and he comes down to the ring and like, saves me. And this was him pitching it to me, actually.

He’s like, ‘Yeah, and then we can form this best buddy duo and I’ll be your best friend,’ and he’s like, ‘Man, I’ll play it up so well.’ He’s like, ‘This is my best friend!’ and he started singing.

That would have been my dream angle right there, regardless of where it was being posted. He’s like my favorite wrestler ever, so yeah, legitimately, my favorite wrestler of all time.”

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• Old School WWWF Legend Would Have Celebrated His Birthday

Today would have been the 98th birthday of Old School WWWF Legend Bobo Brazil (Real name: Houston Harris).

Bobo wrestled for several territories during his career, just like the World Wide Wrestling Federation, Big Time Wrestling, Jim Crockett Promotions, World Wrestling Association, and Championship Wrestling from Florida.

The former WWWF U.S. Heavyweight Champion and former World Negro Heavyweight Champion was inducted into the WWF Hall of Fame (now known as WWE Hall of Fame) in 1994 by his friend “The Big Cat” Ernie Ladd.


July 10, 1924 – January 20, 1998

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