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Backstage Heat on Roman Reigns & Rusev?

There is said to be some backstage heat on WWE Superstars Roman Reigns & Rusev.

Regarding heat on Roman, it is said that officials weren’t happy with Reigns’ long promo on both Raw & SmackDown last week. He was met with “What!?” and “boring” chants from the crowd. WWE Creative Team feels that they shouldn’t have given him that much time for a promo.

As we noted before, Rusev and Lana are engaged in real life and are back together on WWE programming as well. The reason behind this move was because TMZ revealed that the couple is now engaged. According to reports, Vince McMahon is not happy with the Rusev-Summer Rae angle being dropped after the engagement news got leaked. It should be noted that WWE knew about Rusev & Lana’s engagement before TMZ revealed it.

This might be the reason for Rusev’s quick loss to on SmackDown last week. We’ll get to more about this after tonight’s WWE Raw. Speaking of tonight’s WWE Raw, an injured wrestler might make his in-ring return. Click here for more information regarding this.

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