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Backstage Reaction Of WWE Stars To Vince McMahon Paying $12 Million To 4 Women Over 16 Years

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• Backstage Reaction Of WWE Stars To Vince McMahon Paying $12 Million To 4 Women Over 16 Years

On Friday, The Wall Street Journal revealed that Vince McMahon paid over $12 million to 4 women over a period of 16 years.

According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE Superstars have various opinions regarding this situation:

“I heard from a couple of talent backstage. A total variety of views, it wasn’t like there’s one view or anything – it was actually three totally different views.

One person was (saying), ‘You know what you get into when you get into the business.’

Another person (said), ‘Vince didn’t sell it and nobody’s really talking about it because you don’t want to talk about it, because if someone hears you talk about it you get in trouble and no one needs that.’

One person was very concerned in the sense of, they felt that it’s one thing to pay money if you’re trying to hide an affair or something like that, but once it becomes coercion, and once it ties into the business and the work and demotion and things like that, it becomes a really concerning issue.

I’m sure there’s 20 other viewpoints as well. I didn’t get a sense at all of a prevailing viewpoint.”

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