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Becky Lynch Unfollows Nia Jax After Recent Comments

Becky Lynch Nia Jax

• Becky Lynch Unfollows Nia Jax After Recent Comments

Former RAW Women’s Champion Nia Jax made it clear in the past that she will not get the COVID-19 vaccine, and some people are speculating that this was the reason she got released from WWE.

Nia once posted a photo on her Instagram story that read:

“The Covid vaccine is 90% effective after 8 months of development, when the flu vaccine is 40% effective after 70 years of development. I’ll go with my immune system, as it’s 99.9% effective.”

Along with this, Nia wrote:

“God made my immune system and I trust him the most.”

Nia recently made the following claim on Twitter:

“Hahaha! I stand by that too. Honey, if you really think that all your favorites don’t feel the same as I do, you’re sadly mistaken. I know a lot of people in many professional sports that just paid & got a real card from a doctor..sooooo”

Now, Nia has shared a photo to her Instagram story that has the following written on it:

“All these mfs saying ‘I stand with Ukraine’ couldn’t even stand for their own personal rights for 2 years because they were scared to breathe.”

Nia Jax Ukraine Russia Instagram Story

She also posted a reel of US President Joe Biden and wrote the following:

“Who (the f**k) voted for this clown!?”

Nia Jax Calls USA President Joe Biden A Clown

After these comments, some fans checked and found that RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch has unfollowed Nia on Instagram.

Becky Lynch Unfollows Nia Jax On Instagram

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