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Big E Is Interested In A Match Against WWE Hall Of Famer

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• Big E Is Interested In A Match Against WWE Hall Of Famer

Big E recently won the WWE Championship for the first time in his career after defeating Bobby Lashley, who had previously defended the championship against WCW Legend Goldberg at SummerSlam.

During a recent appearance on Renee Young’s ‘Oral Sessions’ podcast, Big E expressed interest in wrestling Goldberg.

Here’s what the super-heavyweight New Day member had to say:

“I suppose it has sunk in, for me, I don’t want there to ever be a moment where I feel like I’ve had an ‘I made it’ moment. Where like ‘alright, you’ve done it and now you’re good. You can coast.’

That’s when you stop growing, that’s when you stop getting better. Nothing good comes from that. So for me, I suppose in a sense of, I don’t necessarily feel a pressure but I know there’s an added responsibility. So for me it’s still ‘just go out there and perform to the best of your ability.’ And that’s always been my perception.

But I do think there are ways that I want to just tweak my presentation. When you’re the guy, it’s a little bit different than when you’re in a three man group working tag matches. So just the way I carry myself will be a little bit different. But that’s all a feel thing, and I always feel like every performer should have an internal barometer and you should have an understanding of when to change things.

You should have an understanding of how the fans are reacting to you on a weekly basis. For me, that’s just a matter of feeling things out.

But it’s nice that there’s this new challenge. And that’s all I really wanted in my career, was to not feel bored or stale. And I’m glad we have something new to attack.

There’s a bunch of things that I never, you know, like the Goldberg match. When I was making my stupid little comebacks about being a main event, I never thought I’d get the Goldberg match. But now I sit in a position where, you know, maybe if I make enough noise, we can get that done. And you know people will feel different ways about that.

I understand that and I appreciate fans who have an affinity to the performers who are there, on the house shows, working every single night. Because I feel like we are the heart of this company. We’re the ones that keep this thing going. But in the same vain, if someone were to throw a bundle of cash at me at age 50 to work two or three times a year, who am I to turn that down? So we’ll see.

But yeah, I suppose it has hit me in a sense. But I don’t think anything vastly changes from the way I approach my job. It’s just that ‘now you’re going to be in more segments and a little bit more spotlight on you.’ But it’s going to be fun.

It wasn’t something I thought about at the time. It’s the first time that a black WWE World Champion has taken the Title from another black WWE World Champion, which is pretty cool, and hopefully this becomes a more common place thing.

Looking at our roster now and you see so many, even outside of WWE, I think it’s a great time for black wrestlers. There’s just so many of us who are just really good and talented. Also, Bobby was the one contemporary guy, when I got signed 12 years ago, he was the one I was watching film on. Because that was a guy similar to me in build, and he was what I aspired to be in many ways.

So I just remember watching a lot of him, I think he and Cena had a United States Championship program that I watched a ton of. So yeah, man, it’s cool to see Bobby in his mid 40’s. I don’t know how that’s possible. But I love what him and MVP are doing. I also love the Hurt Business. That’s another awesome faction vs. faction opportunity there. I thought he did a phenomenal job as champion. He looked the part, he performed the part. It always means more when you take it from a great champion.”

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• Old School Wrestling Legend Would Have Celebrated His Birthday

Today would have been the 82nd birthday of Old School Wrestling Legend “Bullet” Bob Armstrong (Real name: Joseph James).

Bob Armstrong wrestled for several territories during his long, illustrious career, including GCW Georgia Championship Wrestling, CWF Championship Wrestling From Florida & CCW Continental Championship Wrestling.

Later on, he appeared in non-wrestling roles for SMW Smoky Mountain Wrestling and TNA Total Nonstop Action.

“Bullet” Bob is the father of Scott Armstrong (WCW), Brad Armstrong (WCW), Steve Armstrong (Lance Cassidy in the WWF) & Brian Armstrong (“Road Dogg” Jesse James in the WWF)

In 2011, Scott, Brad & Brian inducted their father into the WWE Hall of Fame.


October 3, 1939 – August 27, 2020

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