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Big Show Accused Of Taking Performance Enhancing Drugs In 2013 Biogensis Probe, Big Show’s Attorney Responds

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The Big Show (real name: Paul Wight) has been accused of taking PEDs.

In 2013, the US Drug Enforcement Administration carried out a federal investigation of the Biogenesis clinic to look into the steroid use in Baseball. The investigation led to 21 players being suspended. Biogenesis founder Tony Bosch and 7 other people were convicted following the investigation.

ESPN obtained 1400 pages of unredacted federal investigative documents in which the names of other athletes linked to Biogenesis were mentioned. It also included the name of AEW’s Paul Wight (fka The Big Show in WWF/E).

Bosch claimed in an interview in 2014 that he treated Wight in 2009-10. He alleged his partner Jorge “Ugi” Velazquez of giving Wight performance enhancing drugs without informing him and that Wight “advised him that wrestlers wanted stronger substances, such as Winstrol and Deca-Durabolin — which didn’t mesh with Bosch’s doping protocols.”

Wight’s attorney Edward Brennan stated that Bosch was at Wight’s home for a “Thanksgiving open house” along with other wrestlers. He said that Wight only met Bosch one other time.

In Wight’s defense, Brennan brought up the fact that Wight had never failed a drug test. He also emphasised on the fact that Wight suffered from an Endocrine System Disorder in the past, so any usage of performance enhancing drugs would pose a serious risk to his health.

“Paul never treated with Bosch. Paul never took any PEDs from Ugi or anyone else. He is as clean as you can be. More importantly, he would never take any PEDs because of his underlying medical condition.”

Velazquez called his former partner Bosch a “snitch” and  went on to say the following:

“What I believe it is, when you are doing a deal with the government, you need to bring stuff to the table to make yourself bigger so you can have more value. [Bosch] is trying to make himself bigger than he is, like always. He is a nobody.”

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