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Big Show Walked In On Randy Orton Sleeping With His Wife

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• Big Show Walked In On Randy Orton Sleeping With His Wife

In late 2013, Randy Orton became the WWE World Heavyweight Champion after defeating John Cena.

WWE did a Live Event at Madison Square Garden on Christmas that year and he slept with his wife Kim Orton backstage at that event.

On the latest episode of The Wives of Wrestling podcast, Kim revealed that Big Show walked in on her & Randy doing it:

“Big Show walked in on us in Madison Square Garden. He told us the room to go in. A security guard walked in on us. That’s when he had both titles. New, fresh love. There’s nothing better.”

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New Video: Randy Orton Grabs His Wife’s Knockers:

• Old School WWF Legend Would Have Celebrated His Birthday

Today would have been the 65th birthday of Old School WWF Legend “Doink The Clown” Matt Borne (Real name: Matthew Osborne).

He played the original Doink The Clown, which was a Heel gimmick, before others took over and the character turned babyface.

Pretty much everyone considers him to be by far the very best to ever play the role of Doink.

In 1991 & 1992, Matt also wrestled for World Championship Wrestling under the name ‘Big Josh’.

After his WWF days, he joined NWA Eastern Championship Wrestling (ECW) in his Doink gear, but only used parts of the face paint, under the ring name “Borne Again”.


July 27, 1957 – June 28, 2013

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