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19. Linda McMahon Gives Her Views On The Rock’s Potential Run For President

Vince McMahon’s wife Linda McMahon was recently interviewed on Yahoo Global News about a potential presidential run for Old School WWF Legend, The Rock.

Here’s what she had to say:

“Dwayne, do your homework really, really carefully so that you’re up on all the things you want to talk about. He’s a really a very bright, smart…I still call him a young man. He’s about my son’s age, so that’s about right. But he’s very passionate about what he does. And he’s had some great success. And from what I’ve heard, I think he wants to give back. And now, I’m not sure what all the different roads that would take, but if he were to decide to do this, I think he’d be all in…Well, I tell you, he might get a great deal of the women’s vote from the reaction I hear here at SBA, things like, couldn’t you bring him in just so we can say, hello? And of course, I have no authority”

Below is what Linda said regarding who would win a match-up between The Rock & Vin Diesel:

“Hands down, The Rock would win. Of course, hands down… Because The Rock has got the moves… Bring it.”

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