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Booker T Offended By Riddle’s Comments

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• Booker T Offended By Riddle’s Comments

On an episode of his Hall of Fame podcast, two time WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T talked about current RAW Superstar & WWE United States Champion Riddle disrespecting Old School Pro Wrestlers.

Riddle went as far as to refer to The Undertaker’s era of wrestling as “dumb”, which is obviously offensive towards Old School Wrestling Legends, such as Booker T.

Being a former UFC fighter means that Riddle does have some good MMA skills, however, as history taught us, that does not equal being a real life tough guy, something that some fans often like to mix up by mistake.

Here’s what the former Harlem Heat member said about the topic:

“If he did say it, it should be a problem, if Riddle did say anything about what The Undertaker said, regarding whatever it is, it should be a problem.

The first real interview The Undertaker has ever given and for someone to be giving him push back on what he sees what the business is today, that person should go and talk to him and not some reporter. That’s my take on it.

What do you mean by that first and foremost?

How do you come to that conclusion? Go and work for Dana White, remember what Dana White said at the end of his run at the UFC.

Go back and do that if that’s what you want to do. If you’re doing this and you’re confusing it with doing that, that’s a problem.

If someone doesn’t address it, it’s going to continue to be a problem, it’s that simple.

The Undertaker, if he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about, none of us do, we should all just quit the business.

We should all just stop looking at it or stop commenting on it if that’s the way. I look at it like this, Roger Federer. I’m sure every young Tennis player wishes they could just have a match with Federer even if they get the hell beat out of them.

I know when I was coming up, me and my brother we called The Rock n Roll Express out so many times because we just wanted to get the pleasure of taking that double drop kick. I knew what those guys brought to the business, and when I hear that kind of stuff it just irks me.

If guys like myself can’t speak up on how the business is without somebody taking offense to it, there’s a problem.

The respect issue goes a long frickin way more than anything. That’s where the business is totally different than it was when I was coming up.

When The Undertaker was talking, who said he was talking about you? That’s the thing also. Why do you put yourself under that banner of what The Undertaker is talking about?

When a reporter asks me that question right there: what do you think about The Undertaker calling you guys soft? ‘Well he wasn’t talking about me.’ It’s a very, very simple way of answering that question and not put yourself in the news.

Why continue wanting to put out fires? One of those damn fires is going to end up burning down the whole damn house, especially when you have a family at home to take care of.”

Riddle being disrespectful towards those who paved the way for him in his sport isn’t exclusively happening in professional wrestling, but it’s the same obnoxious behaviour that already led to his UFC release in 2013.

In September 2013, Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White said the following about Riddle:

“From 2011 to 2013, that guy was making $162,000 a year. Then he comes out and says he was treated horrible.

He was making something like $52,000 or $54,000 a fight three times a year. We have health insurance here, which has never been done in the history of the world with fight promoters.

The reason he’s not in UFC any more IS BECAUSE HE COULD NOT PASS A DRUG TEST! You have to go to work 3 times a year, and you couldn’t pass a drug test?

You’re so weak-minded and so addicted to marijuana that you couldn’t stay off it enough to pass a drug test 3 times a year.

Well, guess what dummy, they drug test in the real world too!”

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