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“We are real savages, not pretend ones. He should watch out” – Riddle Fires Back At The Undertaker

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• “We are real savages, not pretend ones. He should watch out” – Riddle Fires Back At The Undertaker

During a recent interview with ViBe & Wrestling, RAW wrestler Riddle was asked about his opinion on The Undertaker calling current WWE product “soft”.

Here’s what Riddle had to say:

“I would say to The Undertaker and everybody else, times have changed, the human race and everyone is evolving. And yes we don’t carry knives and guns to work because we have metal detectors to keep us safe, so people don’t do that.

We have a wellness policy where we are all getting tested regularly so we are safe and in our right state of mind. I love my job.

I am a former professional UFC fighter that broke people’s jaws on a steel cage. That’s something that wasn’t around when he was a young man, and I bet if it was he still wouldn’t step up because it takes a different breed (Note: Undertaker is a Black Belt in Jiu-Jitsu).

He shouldn’t say certain things about the upcoming roster because we are real savages, not pretend ones. He should watch out.

But I still respect him, I think he just a little over sold us, and I don’t think he wanted to be mean. I just think he thought his time was tougher and I would say this: when he worked times weren’t tougher. They weren’t smart either. They were dumber.

They abused certain things, they abused their bodies and they are all paying the price for it. Today’s wrestlers are smarter, who work smarter. If they think they took more bumps, we don’t work the same schedule you were working and you can’t say we are softer for that. We’re more smarter and educated like the modern day athlete and we are not getting hurt that much.

We’re training smart, we eat healthier and we do things better because people in the past made so many mistakes that we learned from them. Now we don’t make those same mistakes anymore.

So Undertaker saying we are soft, I don’t think we are soft. I think we are more intelligent, so we don’t get hurt and don’t put ourselves in stupid situations like bringing guns to work.

So Undertaker, nothing but respect at the end of the day. Respect and understand evolution. Realize we have evolved, we are better educated, and we don’t do certain things anymore. We do things right.”

While some of the current WWE wrestlers disagreed with Undertaker’s comments, there are other names who agreed with The Phenom, including top stars and legends like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Tony Atlas (who ripped Seth Rollins, tap here to read more) and United States Champion Bobby Lashley.

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