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Booker T Thanks Hulk Hogan & Sid Vicious For What They Did For Him & Stevie Ray

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• Booker T Thanks Hulk Hogan & Sid Vicious For What They Did For Him & Stevie Ray

During a recent interview with Kristian Harloff of The Big Thing, 2-time WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T talked about Hulk Hogan and Sid Vicious helping him and brother Stevie Ray during the WCW days.

Below is what the WCW Legend said:

“I wouldn’t say Hogan and I, and my brother. I wouldn’t say we were friends or anything like that, but he did put a word in for my brother and I to get a push.

There’s a rumor, that Hulk Hogan got paid money as well for doing that. I have always given him props for speaking up for my brother and I, but there’s a rumor that he made money off of merchandising from Harlem Heat being successful, but I thank him for putting the word in for us.

The person that was instrumental in my brother, in our, in my career, was Sid Vicious, who put us on the map. Sid Vicious was the guy who let us live in his apartment for like three months.

Sid Vicious was the guy who made sure my brother and I got raises on a regular basis. Sid Vicious is the guy that I give all the credit for my brother and I getting in WCW, and actually starting off on the right foot because my brother and I, Sid Vicious, Big Van Vader, pay-per-view, our first main event, our first pay-per-view in Houston, Texas. Sid made that happen.

We’ve always had a lot of respect for each other, you know, Taker, Rock, we’ve always had a lot of respect for each other. It was a competition, but it was a proving ground back then as well.

I first got there (WWF) and I left all my accolades back in WCW. I said I’m gonna come here and prove to these guys, like I tell my students, you gotta know how to make it in a locker room before you can make it in the ring.

I said, OK I’m gonna leave all that behind and I’m gonna prove to these guys that I wanna be one of the boys. After a few months, dressing in the locker room with all the wrestlers around, you know, 60 guys. Undertaker, I was walking past him one time, he was like, ‘hey man, why don’t you come over and dress here with us?’ and it’s a locker room called the TV locker room where all the cameramen keep their equipment.

There’s very few of those guys that be in there because they’re running around the arena all day, so the top guys would normally go in there. I got invited to the TV locker room, I was like wow I guess I made it, I guess I’m one of the boys now.”

Below are Booker T’s major accomplishments in Pro-Wrestling:

– 5x WCW World Heavyweight Champion

– 6x WCW World TV Champion

– 1x WCW United States Heavyweight Champion

– 11x WCW World Tag Team Champion

– WCW Triple Crown Champion

– 1x World Heavyweight Champion (WWE)

– 3x World Tag Team Champion

– 1x Intercontinental Champion

– 3x United States Champion (WWE)

– 2x WWF Hardcore Champion

– 2006 King Of The Ring Winner

– WWE Triple Crown Champion

– WWE Grand Slam Champion

– 2x WWE Hall Of Famer (as a singles wrestler and as a member of Harlem Heat)

– 1x TNA Legends Champion

– 1x TNA World Tag Team Champion

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