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Brandi Rhodes Comments On Cody Rhodes Wrestling With A Torn Pec

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• Brandi Rhodes Comments On Cody Rhodes Wrestling With A Torn Pec

Cody Rhodes competed with a torn pec inside Hell in a Cell and defeated Seth Rollins.

Cody’s wife, Brandi Rhodes, made the following tweets about her husband’s courageous performance:

“I’ve never met anyone more committed to the fans or the business. I’ll be watching in support with you all ❤️”

“Sweating and smoking knee pads 😥🙏🏾 #HIAC”

“Liberty (their daughter) better not ever tell me ‘I can’t’. I’m gonna have this match cued up faster than she can finish her sentence.

Never imagined he would be able to finish that match…and win.”

After the PPV went off the air, Cody cut a promo and said the following:

“I’m sure I’m gonna explain things a little further tomorrow (on RAW), I’ll be very brief.

No one convinced me, with a torn pec, to come out here. It was solely my decision.

You would have to literally kill me from staying away from this ring. 10 Times out of 10, I would have made the same decision.”

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On this day in 2000, the World Wrestling Federation aired another LIVE episode of their weekly TV show ‘WWF RAW IS WAR’.

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Here’s the match-card:

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6. KOTR Qualifying Match: Hardcore Holly vs. Faarooq

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8. The Hardy Boyz vs. Big Boss Man & Bull Buchanan

9. Triple H vs. The Rock

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