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Bray Wyatt Told Mark Henry’s Son What Henry Did When WWE Told Him To Lose Weight

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The entire wrestling world is paying tribute to Bray Wyatt right now and the wrestlers are remembering their time spent with the former WWE Champion.

On Busted Open Radio, WWE Hall of Famer & current AEW personality Mark Henry recalled his final moment with Bray.

Below is what the former World Heavyweight Champion said:

“The last time that we were together was at a signing in Los Angeles during Mania, and Jacob (Henry’s son) was with me and he said, ‘Jacob, come here. Oh my God, look how big you got.’

He’s like, ‘Did your dad ever tell you that they tried to put him on a diet?’ And I said, ‘Oh, sh*t, where is this going?’.

And [Bray] was like, ‘Yeah, we came out of a meeting because [WWE] wanted me to lose some weight and they wanted your dad to lose some weight. And your dad said, Okay, all right, enough. I’m going to start right after I go to Taco Cabana’. Jacob just busted out laughing.

[Bray was] just a funny dude like that, man. There’s not many people that you could just sit there, and they’re not trying to be funny, [but] they’re just funny. And I loved him.”

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