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Bray Wyatt Helped A WWE Fan Battle Depression (Photos)

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Bray Wyatt was a gem

While paying tribute to Bray Wyatt, Becky Lynch mentioned that Bray cared and looked out for people.

Below is what Becky wrote:

“Windham was a special cat. One of those people you always looked forward to talking to. He was funny, interesting, passionate, thoughtful and most importantly, he was kind.

He had time for people. He looked out for people. He helped people. He cared. My heart goes out to his family that he loved so much and everyone who knew him.

To know him was to love him. I’ll miss him a lot. Rest in Peace Hoot ❤️”

This turns out to be 100% correct, as a WWE fan named Brittany Kay has revealed that Wyatt helped her battle depression.

Brittany shared screenshots of her chat with Wyatt and wrote:

“I was never one to share my personal DM’s with Windham, but these are a few of my favorites. ⭕️❤️😭 I love you so much Windham. Forever and a day.”

Chat from 2017

Brittany: Hey, just wanted to say hi. I’m having a bad day. Could use some words of encouragement. Going through some tough sh*t right now, wish I could talk to you.

Bray: Everything will be ok. Life is a never ending cycle. ❤️

Bray Wyatt Helped A WWE Fan Battle Depression 2017

Chat from 2018

Brittany: Bray I’m so in so much pain…. this depression is really getting to an all time high…..

Bray: Don’t let them win. Depression is only real if you let it be real. I feel your pain, let me take it away. You are special and beautiful. You are loved, nothing is more precious. ❤️

Brittany: I love you. Thank you. That means a lot. ❤️❤️❤️

Bray Wyatt Helped A WWE Fan Battle Depression 2018

Brittany also shared the following photos with Wyatt:

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